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District 26

Jimmy Van Bramer

Sunnyside, Woodside, Long Island City, Astoria, Dutch Kills

Winning Projects:

Arts Culture & Community FacilitiesFunded
Children’s Room/Auditorium Renovation

Repairing and upgrading the children’s room and auditorium with technology to meet the needs of our growing community.


Woodside Library (Woodside)

Votes: 2,159

Gymnasium Renovations at P.S. 111Q and P.S. 112Q

Replacing wall padding, floors, benches and ceiling repairs at P.S. 111Q and P.S. 112Q.


P.S. 111Q and P.S. 112Q (Long Island City)

Votes: 2,147

Technology Upgrades for Schools

Laptop carts, desktop computers and interactive boards upgrades to P.S. 112Q, P.S. 150Q, P.S. 12Q, P.S. 166Q, I.S. 125.


Throughout District 26

Votes: 4,785

Technology Upgrade at Borden Avenue Veterans Shelter

Technology upgrades will include new computers, network infrastructure upgrades and a new facility-wide paging system.


Borden Avenue Veterans Shelter (LIC)

Votes: 1,182

Parks & RecreationFunded
New Trees in the District

Plant new trees with welded steel guards. Trees clean the air, reduce storm runoff and provide shelter for wildlife.


Throughout District 26 (Astoria/LIC)

Votes: 1,807

Bus Time Countdown Clocks

Fund the placement of electronic bus countdown clocks at stops throughout District 26 to help riders plan waiting time.


Throughout District 26

Votes: 1,921

The following projects were not funded:

Arts Culture & Community Facilities
Broadway Library Security System

Installation of CCTV system because the library does not have a Close Circuit Television (CCTV) System.


Broadway Library (Astoria)

Votes: 872

Auditorium Upgrades for AAS and Newcomers H.S.

Stage lighting system upgrade for the auditorium shared by Academy of American Studies (AAS) & Newcomers High School.


AAS and Newcomers H.S. (Long Island City)

Votes: 740

Auditorium Upgrades at P.S. 150Q

New AV system, lighting, and curtains for the stage and the windows.


P.S. 150Q (Sunnyside)

Votes: 1,582

Playground Renovations at P.S. 111Q

The playground upgrade will include adding a new slide, climbing apparatus and rubber mats padding.


P.S. 111Q (Long Island City)

Votes: 1,522

Additional Security Cameras

Security cameras needed at Woodside Houses.


Woodside Houses (Woodside)

Votes: 1,037

Renovation for Girls and Boys Bathroom

Decaying bathrooms used daily by kids in after school program is in need of repair. Conditions are very unsanitary.


Woodside Houses (Woodside)

Votes: 1,703

Garden Renovations

Garden beds to grow wider variety of vegetables, build fence to prevent theft and vandalism and add 2nd green house


Woodside Houses (Woodside)

Votes: 988

Community Constructed Soil Science Lab

Create lab to test, mix and deliver clean soil to NYCHA gardens to grow healthy food.


Ravenswood Houses (Astoria/LIC)

Votes: 1,004

Parks & Recreation
Outdoor Gym in Queensbridge Park

Install exercise equipment in the park in a dedicated space for year-round calisthenic fitness, available to all ages.


Queensbridge Park (Long Island City)

Votes: 1,390