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District 26

Jimmy Van Bramer

Sunnyside, Woodside, Long Island City, Astoria, Dutch Kills

Winning Projects:

Bus Time Countdown Clocks

This addresses the need to provide groups that cannot rely on our utilize the subway system with in-time bus information.

Throughout District 26


Votes: 1,471

Bathroom Repairs and Upgrades for Schools

Essential repairs, upgrades and efficiency enhancements of 2 restroom facilities needed per school.

P.S. 112- Long Island City, P.S. 12- Woodside, P.S. 199- Sunnyside


Votes: 2,521

Mobile Laptops and Carts for Schools

Project will give mobile laptops and carts to Academy of American Studies, Aviation High School, P.S. 12, P.S. 111, P.S. 112, P.S. 76 and P.S. 166.

Throughout District 26


Votes: 2,796

Water Fountain Installation at P.S. 112

Students do not have regular access to fresh drinking water. The school is in need of 8 water fountains.

P.S. 112- Dutch Kills


Votes: 1,831

ArtsCulture & CommunityFunded
Expansion of Teen Space and Technology Upgrade at the Woodside Library

Expanding the meeting room in the teen space at the Woodside Library,and outfitting the room with technology.

54-22 Skillman Avenue, Woodside


Votes: 1,636

The following projects were not funded:

Pedestrian Safety Improvements

A half curb extension on a corner of an intersection used by pedestrians, students and staff from nearby schools.

41st Avenue and 28th Street, Long Island City


Votes: 1,199

Parks & Recreation
BBQ Area Picnic Tables at Rainey Park

Funding will provide BBQ areas with clean and convenient amenities like picnic tables and benches.

Vernon Boulevard between 33rd Road and 34th Avenue , Long Island City


Votes: 829


Parks & Recreation
Shade Canopy for Hunters Point South Park Playground

Install a permanent structure by the children’s playground to provide shade for children, parents and park-goers.

Center Boulevard between 50th Avenue and 54th Avenue, Long Island City


Votes: 485

Parks & Recreation
Sixteen Oaks Grove Renovation

This will fund new greenery, the resurfacing of cracked walkways and bench replacements for this neighborhood park.

37th Avenue between 14th and 21st Streets, Long Island City


Votes: 303

Parks & Recreation
Gordon Triangle Green Street Upgrade

New benches, improved lighting and additional plantings would offer visitors a pleasant green space to enjoy.

44th Drive and Vernon Boulevard, Long Island City


Votes: 389

Gardening Improvements at Woodside Houses

Improvement of gardens and building pathways along Woodside Houses.

Woodside Houses, Woodside


Votes: 610

Sitting Area Rebuild at Queensbridge

Rebuild rundown sitting area on 10th Street for family and senior enjoyment ans safety.

Queensbridge Houses, Long Island City


Votes: 661

Kitchen Renovations at the Queensbridge Houses

Upgrades to the kitchen at the Queensbridge Senior Center.

Queensbridge Houses, Long Island City


Votes: 899

Playground Spray Shower Upgrade in Queensbridge

New spray shower is needed on 10th Street so children can keep cool and safe in the summer within their own playground.

Queensbridge Houses, Long Island City


Votes: 816

Soundproofing Ravenswood Community Center

Installation of soundproofing for the audio recording room at the Ravenswood Community Center.

Ravenswood Houses, Astoria/Long Island City


Votes: 347

Grounds Restoration at Ravenswood Houses

Restoration focused on storm management and new drainage methods to avoid water pooling on sidewalks and street.

Ravenswood Houses, Astoria/Long Island City


Votes: 738

Auditorium Upgrades at P.S. 166 and P.S. 111

P.S. 166 needs upgrades to improve the school’s performance space. P.S. 111 is in need of new seats in the auditorium.

P.S. 166- Astoria and P.S. 111- Long Island City


Votes: 1,142

Playground Upgrades at P.S. 111 and 152

The playground upgrades will include general repainting and safety improvements at both schools.

P.S. 111- Long Island City and P.S. 152- Long Island City


Votes: 1,018