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District 26

Jimmy Van Bramer

Sunnyside, Woodside, Long Island City, Astoria, Dutch Kills

Winning Projects:

Arts Culture & Community FacilitiesFunded
Woodside Library Accessibility

ADA-compliant push buttons for the Woodside Library. Currently, physically handicapped community members cannot enter the Woodside Library without the assistance of the staff.

54-22 Skillman Avenue (Woodside)


Votes: 189

Arts Culture & Community FacilitiesFunded
Sunnyside Library Accessibility

ADA-compliant push button for Sunnyside Library. Currently, physically handicapped community members cannot enter the Sunnyside Library without the assistance of the staff.

43-06 Greenpoint Avenue (Sunnyside)


Votes: 214

Arts Culture & Community FacilitiesFunded
Senior Van- Jacob Riis Settlement House

Ten-person van for the Jacob Riis Settlement House for seniors. The seniors at Jacob Riis need this van for transportation to and from senior programs.

Jacob Riis Settlement House (Queensbridge)


Votes: 324

Technology Upgrades for P.S./I.S. 78

Purchase the following updated technological equipment for P.S./I.S. 78: 3 smart boards (for Pre-K), 2 laptop carts (60 laptops).

48-09 Center Boulevard, Long Island City


Votes: 157

Playground Upgrade at Queensbridge

Replacement of rubber matting on playground in five jungle gym areas within the development.

Queensbridge Houses


Votes: 249

Long Island City Bikeway

Elements of a bike path exist already, an improved safe and reliable bike way system would increase the level of bike sue, reduce cars using path for parking and enhance the neighborhood.

Long Island City


Votes: 330

Real Time Passenger Information

Bus time countdown clocks in locations around the 26th District.

City Council District 26


Votes: 180

Parks & RecreationFunded
Woodside Reforestry

Variety of NYC Parks Department- approved trees planted in tree pits on both sides of Broadway in Woodside.

49th Street- 69th Street, Woodside


Votes: 186

The following projects were not funded:

Arts Culture & Community Facilities
Broadway Library Security

Installation of CCTV system for surveillance and security purposes.

40-20 Broadway (Astoria)


Votes: 89

Arts Culture & Community Facilities
Western Queens Library Furniture

Furniture, benches, folding chairs, lounge chairs and cafe chairs for Sunnyside, Woodside and Long Island City Libraries.

City Council District 26


Votes: 137

Resurfacing of P.S. 112 Play Area

Resurface the play area at P.S. 112 with asphalt. The play area is old and worn out. The surface is cracked, not level and poses a safety risk to students.

25-05 37th Avenue, Dutch Kills


Votes: 77

Technology Upgrades for P.S. 11

Purchase the following technological equipment for P.S. 11: 50 Mac desktop computers, 25 printers, 5 Promethean Smart Boards, 3 Mac laptops carts (or 84 laptops).

54-25 Skillman Avenue (Woodside)


Votes: 135

Laptops for I.S. 204

Purchase 4 laptop carts (120 laptops) for I.S. 204.

36-41 28th Street (Dutch Kills)


Votes: 80

Laptops for Aviation High School

Purchase 2 laptop carts (70 laptops) for Aviation High School.

45-30 36th Street (Sunnyside)


Votes: 97

Renovate Auditorium at Newcomers High School

Update sound system and replace chairs in the auditorium of Newcomers High School. The auditorium is shared between Newcomers High School and the Academy of American Studies.

28-01 41st Avenue (Dutch Kills)


Votes: 47

Smart Boards for P.S. 166

Purchase 40 Smart Boards for P.S. 166.

33-09 35th Avenue, Astoria


Votes: 101

Technology Upgrades for P.S. 12

Purchase the following updated technological equipment for P.S. 12: 2 laptop carts (60 laptops), 10 printers for students with disabilities, 25 Smart Boards.

42-00 72nd Street, Woodside

Votes: 60

Security Cameras for Bryant High School

Expand security camera system to cover perimeter of school (4 cameras).

48-10 31st Avenue, Long Island City


Votes: 119

Woodside Houses Security Cameras

Additional security cameras are needed at the following locations to improve safety conditions for residents: 31-50 51st Street, 31-49 49th Street, 50-54 Broadway and 50-14 Broadway.

Woodside Houses


Votes: 141

Replace Playground Sprinklers

Two playground at the Woodside Hosues need sprinklers replaced. The current ones do not work properly.

Woodside Houses


Votes: 104

Queensbridge Houses Security Cameras

Add two security cameras to each parking lot (41st Road and 10th Street, 41st Road and 12th Street). The residents currently don’t feel safe in the parking lots.

Queensbridge Hosues


Votes: 228

Ravenswood Houses Security Cameras

Additional security cameras are needed at the Ravenswood Houses.

Ravenswood Houses


Votes: 129

Playground Upgrades at Woodside Houses

Replace the playground mats for two playgrounds at the Woodside Houses.

Woodside Houses


Votes: 110

Dutch Kills Pedestrian Safety

Installation of bus bulbs on 31st Street at 36th Avenue and 39th Avenue. Project will construct full bus bulbs at these bus stops, which will create a seamless path from the sidewalk and subway station entrance.

Dutch Kills


Votes: 107

Composting Site

This project will initiate the relocation of the composting facility to a new site 1,000 feet away that will allow for an expansion of services, includes better drainage, bioswales and an outdoor classroom.

Queensbridge Baby Park, Long Island City


Votes: 101

Composting Sifter and Bagger

An industrial sifter and industrial bagger are integral for this composting site to keep up with the growing demand for composting in New York City.

Queensbridge Baby Park, Long Island City


Votes: 75

Parks & Recreation
Renovation of Hart Playground

Renovation of the playground spray-shower, basketball courts, fencing and plantings.

37th Avenue, Woodside


Votes: 69