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District 6

Helen Rosenthal

Central Park, Lincoln Square, Upper West Side, Clinton

Winning Projects:

Technology Ugrades at Frank McCourt High School

Technology upgrades including 11 new SmartBoards and a 30 computer laptop cart for use at Frank McCourt High School.

Frank McCourt High School, 145 West 84th Street


Votes: 1,310

Library Upgrade for P.S. 166

Upgrades to the library at P.S. 166, including work to enlarge the library and creation of a new reading space.

P.S. 166, 132 West 89th Street


Votes: 1761

Air Conditioning for P.S. 9 and Center School Gym

Installation of a split system air conditioning system in the gymnasium shared by P.S. 9 and the Center School.

P.S. 9 and Center School, 100 West 84th Street


Votes: 1,398

Schoolyard Renovation at P.S. 84

Renovation of the playground, converting the asphalt to synthetic turf at P.S. 84 Schoolyard, the Sol Bloom Playground.

Sol Bloom Playground, P.S. 84, 32 West 92nd Street


Votes: 1, 304

The following projects were not funded:

ArtsCulture and Community Facilities
Renovations at Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center

Renovation to the entrance of the LSNC, including installation of new automatic doors (New York City Housing Authority)

Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center, 250 West 65th Street


Votes: 699

ArtsCulture and Community Facilities
Digital Project System for Performing Arts Library

Purchase of a new, modern digital projection system for the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts.

NYPL Performing Arts, 40 Lincoln Center Plaza


Votes: 875

Video Surveillance System for P.S. 75 and M.S. 250

Installation of a video surveillance system to be used by the school security staff at P.S. 75 and M.S. 250.

P.S. 75 and M.S. 250, 735 West End Avenue


Votes: 743

Parks & Recreation
Basketball Court Renovations at Wise Towers

Resurfacing and repairs to the existing basketball court (New York City Housing Authority)

Wise Towers, 141 West 90th Street


Votes: 935

Parks & Recreation
Upgrades to 72nd Street Dog Run

Upgrades to the 72nd Street Dog Run with the installation of permanent water stations.

Riverside Park Dog Run on 72nd Street


Votes: 779

Parks & Recreation
Beautification and Renovation of Broadway Malls

Upgrades to one of the three Broadway Mall Island, including upgraded seating and a greening package with plantings.

Broadway Mall Island to be chosen by Parks


Votes: 1,069

Public Safety
Van for 24th Precinct Auxiliary

Purchase of a van for use by the 24th Precinct Auxiliary volunteers.

24th Precinct, 151 West 100th Street


Votes: 740