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District 6

Helen Rosenthal

Central Park, Lincoln Square, Upper West Side, Clinton

Winning Projects:

Public SafetyFunded
UWS CERT Emergency Response and Education Vehicle

Votes: 833 | Cost: $40,000

Upper West Side
Purchase of a vehicle for UWS Community Emergency Response Team to store emergency and educational materials, and create pop-up preparedness events at street fairs, schools, and community gatherings.

Parks & RecreationFunded
Riverside Park Recreation and Activity Area

Votes: 773 | Cost: $250,000

Riverside Park at West 76th Street
An activity and recreation area intended for tweens and younger adults, including facilities for a number of recreation activities.

Parks & RecreationFunded
Picnic Tables for Riverside Park

Votes: 834 | Cost: $65,000

Riverside Park
Purchase and installation of picnic tables made of recycled, durable material capable of withstanding heavy use, weather conditions and permanently secured against theft.

Technology Upgrades at LaGuardia High School

Votes: 896 | Cost: $150,000

100 Amsterdam Avenue
Installation of SMART Boards, laptop carts, desktop computers, and a printing system for a department at LaGuardia High School.

Creation of Library Space at P.S. 191

Votes: 826 | Cost: $350,000

210 West 61st Street
Renovate an existing lounge space to create library space to be used by students and their families at P.S. 191.

The following projects were not funded:

Parks & Recreation
Restoration of Riverside Park Basketball Courts

Votes: 648 | Cost: $200,000

Riverside Park at West 101st Street
Resurface and repair the existing basketball court to improve the recreation experience.

Parks & Recreation
Restoration of Joan of Arc Plaza

Votes: 540 | Cost: $300,000

Joan of Arc Park
Repairs to steps and pathways leading to and from the Joan of Arc monument, including concrete steps, resurfacing blacktop, laying cobblestone and sealing masonry around the base of the statue.

Parks & Recreation
Adult Fitness Equipment for Riverside Park

Votes: 641 | Cost: $330,000

Riverside Park
Installation of adult fitness equipment, including metal racks for sit-ups, pull-ups, push-ups, mats for stretching and exercise, and bars for stretching in Riverside Park.

Security Cameras for Amsterdam Addition

Votes: 677 | Cost: $300,000

240 West 65th Street
Installation and updates to security cameras at Amsterdam Addition. (New York City Housing Authority)

Playground Renovation at Wise Towers

Votes: 741 | Cost: $350,000

124 West 91st Street
Renovate the playground at Wise Towers, adding modern developmental play equipment suitable for young children and beautifying the area. (New York City Housing Authority)

Video Surveillance for P.S. 75 and M.S. 250

Votes: 447 | Cost: $225,000

735 West End Avenue
Installation of a video surveillance system to be used by the school security desk to help monitor the school’s special needs population at P.S. 75 and M.S. 250.

Courtyard Renovation at Brandeis Campus

Votes: 459 | Cost: $300,000

145 West 84th Street
Renovation of existing concrete courtyard, including new pavement and installation of tables, to serve the high schools located at the Brandeis Campus.

Auditorium Renovations and Upgrades at P.S. 166

Votes: 496 | Cost: $210,000

132 West 89th Street
Renovation of auditorium stage and installation of technological upgrades at the auditorium at P.S. 166.

Air Conditioning at the Performing Arts Library

Votes: 751 | Cost: $350,000

40 Lincoln Center Plaza
Renovation of 40-year-old air conditioning system at the New York Public Library of Performing Arts to allow visitors to access the library during the warmer months comfortably.