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District 6

Helen Rosenthal

Central Park, Lincoln Square, Upper West Side, Clinton

Helen Rosenthal represents the Upper West Side in the New York City Council. She is a leading voice on issues of gender equity, adequate funding for social service providers, civic engagement, accessibility, affordable housing, and education equity. Elected to the City Council in 2013, Helen’s vote total in the general election was the highest of any candidate running for City Council in New York City.

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As Chair of the Committee on Women & Gender Equity from 2018-2020, Helen led the Council’s efforts to address sexual harassment in the workplace, convened multiple hearings on the childcare needs of New York City families, passed legislation targeting our maternal mortality crisis, and fought to ensure that survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence have both the services they need and are treated with dignity.

Under Helen’s leadership, the City Council Women’s Caucus released a groundbreaking report in August 2017 about the declining number of women in the City Council, and the public policy impacts of the lack of gender parity in legislative bodies. Currently only 13 of the City Council’s 51 seats are held by women.

As Chair of the Contracts Committee during the 2014-2017 session, Helen successfully fought for increased City investment in nonprofits who provide essential social services to 2.5 million New Yorkers, especially seniors, children, and people with disabilities. Helen successfully advocated for changes to the way the City funds these nonprofits, along with increased wages for 180,000 social service workers.

Landlord harassment and tenant displacement have consistently been the leading issues for which District 6 constituents have sought assistance from Helen’s office. In 2017, Helen and her colleagues wrote a historic package of new laws which provide greater protections for tenants against harassment and unsafe conditions. These bills make it easier to hold abusive landlords accountable and help tenants protect their homes.

In addition to her committee assignments, Helen is also co-chair of the Council’s Manhattan Delegation, and a member of its Budget Negotiating Team (BNT).