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District 21

Francisco Moya

Astoria (North)-Ditmars-Steinway, Jackson Heights, East Elmhurst, North Corona, Elmhurst, Corona, Rego Park, Flushing-Willets Point, LaGuardia Airport, Flushing Meadows-Corona Park

CORONA, NY — Council Member Francisco Moya, Assemblywoman Ari Espinal and members of the Corona community honored local hero Nicholas Pennetti on Saturday, memorializing him with a street co-naming.

“Nicholas Pennetti set a high bar for us here in Corona,” said Council Member Francisco Moya. “His service to his country in World War II made him a war hero, but his life spent in service to Corona, to his family and to God made him a legend in Queens.


Corona, NY — Council Member Francisco Moya issued the following statement regarding the Department of Buildings’ decision to accept a zoning challenge against the Target slated to open at The Shoppes at 82nd Street:

“It’s been obvious from day one that the Target slated to open at the Shoppes at 82nd Street near the border of Elmhurst and Jackson Heights would have devastating effects on local businesses and the character of these neighborhoods.


Council Member Francisco Moya to file resolution calling on the New York State Department of Labor to eliminate the tipped minimum wage and raise the tipped workers up to state minimum wage.

CITY HALL, NY — Council Member Francisco Moya, Assemblywoman Ari Espinal, organized labor groups and worker’s rights organizations called on the New York State Department of Labor to eliminate the tipped credit and raise all tipped workers up to the state’s full minimum wage on Tuesday.


Council Member Francisco Moya announced on Monday that after months of calling attention to the adverse effects of the Clear Curbs initiative, the city will effectively end its six-month pilot program along Roosevelt Avenue by the end of this week, about five weeks early than originally planned.

CORONA, NY — The city will effectively terminate the Department of Transportation’s Clear Curbs initiative along Roosevelt Avenue in Queens, by the end of the week — a decision Council Member Moya, Assemblywoman Ari Espinal and small business owners in the area have consistently called over the course of the program’s truncated trial period.


The family of Ecuadorian immigrant Edisson Barros joined elected officials and the Ecuadorian community on Friday to call on Judge Mirlande Tadal to halt Mr. Barros’ imminent deportation.

CITY HALL, NY — Council Member Francisco Moya stood alongside Edisson Barros’ daughters, niece and sister Friday morning to call on immigration judge Mirlande Tadal to halt the deportation of Mr.


CITY HALL, NY — It has come to my attention that I should clarify some details regarding my decision to pause negotiations with the Mayor’s Office until it creates a task force dedicated to investigating critical issues related to neighborhood rezonings.

This decision is mine alone. I leave it up to the rest of the City Council and the members of the Committee on Land Use and the Subcommittee on Zoning and Franchises to make their own decisions.


Council Member Moya will no longer engage in negotiations with the Mayor’s administration on neighborhood rezonings until it creates a rezoning task force charged with addressing the critical pitfalls it continuously ignores.

CITY HALL, NY — The Inwood rezoning marks the second straight neighborhood rezoning in a community of color where this administration used divisive tactics to push its agenda.


CITY HALL, NY — On Friday, Council Member Francisco Moya issued the following statement in response to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s move to ban Charter Communications from New York:

“Spectrum’s fate ought to be a warning: New York will not be held hostage by a company acting in bad faith. When you fill your coffers with tax dollars while short-changing customers and denying your employees fair contracts, you will be held to account.”


CORONA, NY — Council Member Francisco Moya and Assemblywoman Ari Espinal will join officers from the NYPD’s 110 Precinct to paint over graffiti reading “Surenos 13” on the No. 7 train’s 111th Street train station in Corona, Queens, at 3:30 p.m. Friday.

“Gang activity will find no safe haven here,” Council Member Francisco Moya said. “I have dedicated my life to defending my community and I will continue to do so against gangs like this, which use intimidation and fear to divide neighbors and prey primarily on young Latinos.”

“In the neighborhood that I was born and raised in, there will always be zero-tolerance for gang activity,” Assemblywoman Ari Espinal said.


Corona, N.Y. — On Tuesday, Council Member Francisco Moya and several elected officials toured Rising Ground, a facility in Yonkers, New York, that houses unaccompanied minors — including immigrant children separated from their families under the Trump administration’s zero-tolerance policy.

“It’s difficult to manage the cognitive dissonance that comes from visiting an immigrant children’s facility on the eve of America’s Independence Day.