CORONA, NY (July 17, 2020) — Council Member Francisco Moya issued the following statement regarding the construction incident that left one worker dead and three more injured at a non-union job site on East 36th Street in Murray Hill on Thursday:

“Another worker died at an unsecured non-union site. Yesterday’s death is a tragedy and outrage but it was also, sadly, predictable. With dozens of construction workers dying at dangerous sites like this every year, it seems like hardhat workers are almost constantly in a state of grief over the untimely and preventable death of another brother or sister. What makes this one all the more devastating is that for months, construction workers have been sidelined, missing paychecks and struggling to feed their families because it wasn’t safe to be outside. Now, as New York slowly reopens, they’re returning to sites managed by unscrupulous developers who make it unsafe to be on the job. Can we stop ignoring the carnage? Can we stop entertaining developers and their lobbyists who relentlessly try to demolish New York’s Scaffold Law? Can the state stop dragging its feet and pass Carlos’s Law? We need to treat the memories of those who sacrificed their lives to build this city with some respect and keep their brothers and sisters safe.”