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District 45

Farah N. Louis

Flatbush, East Flatbush, Midwood, Marine Park, Flatlands, Kensington

It is hard to believe to that one form can shape our future, but it is a FACT. Every ten years, households across the U.S. are required to complete a brief questionnaire for an accurate count of every person living in the U.S. – regardless of age, national origin, or legal status.

Historically, our community has been undercounted, underfunded, and underrepresented. We need every New Yorker – documented or not – to break the cycle and complete the Census form. Since the launch of the 2020 Census on March 12th, the self-response rate in Brooklyn is 26.1 percent while New York State has a rate of 33.1 percent. In comparison to 36.2 percent nationwide, we are already lagging behind.

There is no citizenship question and the information gathered will remain confidential and protected by the U.S. Census Bureau as mandated by federal law. Therefore, it cannot be used against you by your landlord or law enforcement officers.

Your responses will determine whether the City and State of New York will receive its fair share of federal funding and representation in government. In order to support our schools, hospitals, and the maintenance of structural infrastructure such as roads and bridges, we need to respond to the Census online, by phone at (844) 330-2020, or by mail. It is important to note that you can complete the Census by phone in several languages. Phone lines are open daily from 7AM to 2AM Eastern Standard Time (EST).

The U.S. Census Bureau has provided helpful links that provide an overview of the questionsways to respond, and other frequently asked questions (FAQs). Please review the information, complete the form, and encourage others to do the same.

It takes just 10 minutes, but it will impact our lives for the next 10 years. Everyone counts and our voices must be heard. Let’s get counted!

NYC Census 2020 Response to Recent Reports of Border Patrol Agents Being Sent to NYC

We are writing to you in response to the recent announcement by the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that it is deploying a limited number of Border Patrol agents to seven cities across the United States for the purposes of increased enforcement of immigration law.

We recognize there may be questions or confusion in our communities, and that many immigrant families are worried. To address this:

  1. We ask that you, our partners, continue to share the facts:
    • The only way to avoid a knock on your door is to fill out the 2020 Census online at:, or by calling a toll-free number that can be found on the Census Bureau’s website:
    • DHS’ announcement has no impact on the 2020 Census and no immigrant New Yorker should fear participating in the Census, which is easy, safe, and most importantly, for everyone.
    • Border Patrol agents and Immigration & Customs Enforcement agents have no relationship to the census — at all. Immigration officials cannot access your personal census information from the Census Bureau.
    • There are no questions about citizenship or immigration.
    • There are no questions regarding your Social Security Number, your income, or your job.
    • By law, the Census Bureau cannot share your responses with anyone: not immigration enforcement, not the police, and not even with your landlord.
  2. It is important for immigrant families to know they have rights. Among the resources many groups provide to support those who are concerned, additional support is available: