District 30

Elizabeth S. Crowley

Glendale, Maspeth, Middle Village, Ridgewood, Woodhaven, Woodside

Winning Projects:

Arts, Culture & CommunityFunded
Computers, Equipment and Furniture

Votes: 1381 | Cost: $36,000

Ridgewood Library & Maspeth Public Library
Fulfilling a community need by adding more desktop computers along with equipment and furniture to the Ridgewood and Maspeth Public Libraries.

Laptop Carts for Classrooms

Votes: 1546 | Cost: $280,000

P.S/I.S 49, P.S 87, P.S/I.S 119, P.S 153
Providing laptop carts for schools to make the latest technology more accessible for students in the classroom!

Operation Restroom Renovation

Votes: 1223 | Cost: $420,000

P.S./I.S. 49, P.S. 09, P.S. 88
Working and updating bathrooms are essential for the health and hygiene of the students. These renovations are to bathrooms which require and have not received recent repairs or renovations.

Smart Boards for Schools

Votes: 1146 | Cost: $250,000

Grover Cleveland H.S & P.S/IS 87
Fifteen SMART Boards for each of the listed schools will allow for the integration of various technologies within the classroom to improve the learning experiences of students!

The following projects were not funded:

Air Conditioning Renovation at I.S. 73

Votes: 998 | Cost: $350,000

Purchase and install an air conditioning system to cool the auditorium in the school building.

Auditorium Seat Replacement

Votes: 991 | Cost: $786,750

P.S. 71 and P.S. 153
Create a safer experience for students by replacing and repairing the auditorium seats in our schools.

Parks & Recreation
Basketball Court Renovations at Little Bush Park

Votes: 657 | Cost: $250,000

Nathan Weidenbaum (Little Bush) Playground
Renovate the basketball courts for better usage and safety! This includes new backboards, basketball hoops, a sports coating and a new fence to enclose it.

Parks & Recreation
Children’s Swing Area Renovation

Votes: 774 | Cost: $200,000

Reiff & Nathan Weidenbaum Playgrounds
Renovating the children’s swing area to make it a safer environment. The children’s swing sets need new metal bars, a new safety surface installation and fencing repairs.

Parks & Recreation
Playground Beautification at Little Bush Park

Votes: 655 | Cost: $100,000

Nathan Weidenbaum (Little Bush) Playground
Horticultural renovations to beautify the playground and create a noise barrier between the playground and residential homes.