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District 31

Donovan J. Richards

Arverne, Brookville, Edgemere, Far Rockaway, Laurelton, Rosedale, Springfield Gardens

Winning Projects:

P.S. 42 Engineering Computer Lab Upgrade

300 3D Licenses, 35 computer stations, 4 screens, 35 headsets, sound stage, green screen and lights, 6 Motion Capture Suites and 6 video recorders.

488 Beach 66th Street, Arverne


Votes: 1,292

Village Academy Tech Upgrade

Tech upgrade for the school’s Career & College Readiness Technology Center. New computers and other tech equipment.

1045 Nameoke Street, Far Rockaway


Votes: 1,314

Village Academy Greenhouse Project

A greenhouse that will use renewable energy and Eco methods to cultivate vegetables, flowers and bedding plants.

1045 Nameoke Street, Far Rockaway


Votes: 1,388

P.S. 132 New Kitchen

Requesting a full kitchen, complete with a stove, fridge, sink and counter space.

132-15 218th Street, Laurelton


Votes: 1,674


The following projects were not funded:

Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) Project

At least 50 new RTPI’s in areas that are suitable would be a great improvement to District 31.

All of District 31


Votes: 446

Parks and Recreation
Rockaway Community Park Upgrade

Workout area, workout equipment and a basketball court.

53-98 Almeda Avenue, Far Rockaway


Votes: 784

Parks and Recreation
O’Donohue Park Upgrade

Benches, chess tables, better lighting and sound system

Beach 17 Street and Seagirt Boulevard, Far Rockaway


Votes: 533

Parks and Recreation
Brookville Park Chess Tables and Sitting Benches

Purchase of chess and checkers tables and benches/sitting area.

149th Avenue and South Conduit Avenue, Springfield Gardens


Votes: 480

P.S. 104Q Park Upgrade

Project requires an expansion on the fences to provide safety for children and a new basketball court and swing set.

26-01 Mott Avenue, Far Rockaway


Votes: 1,051

P.S. 43 Library Tech Upgrade

The library needs 10 new computers to enhance students’ learning experience. As well as new flooring and furniture.

160 Beach 29th Street, Far Rockaway


Votes: 655

M.S. 53 Smart Boards

This project would simply include the installation of 6 new Smart Boards in the school.

1045 Nameoke Street, Far Rockaway


Votes: 832

P.S. 106 Technology Upgrade

The computers need to be upgraded, in addition to the installation of new smart boards.

180 Beach 35th Street, Far Rockaway


Votes: 514

P.S. 181 Library Upgrade

This upgrade wold include floors and carpeting, new furniture and decor as well as computers and monitors.

148-15 230th Street, Springfield Gardens


Votes: 645

P.S. 132 Technology Upgrade

Upgrade to the floor in the computer lab and 6 new Smart Boards for the classrooms.

132-15 218th Street, Springfield Gardens


Votes: 1,524

Community Voices Schoolyard Upgrade

Construction of a basketball court, tennis court or track field in the school yard.

145-00 Springfield Boulevard


Votes: 998

Springfield High School Auditorium Upgrade

The upgrade would include new floors and decor, new chairs, lighting and visual in addition to a new new sound system.

Springfield Campus, 143-10 Springfield Boulevard


Votes: 611

P.S. 181 Exterior Beautification

An upgrade to the school’s exterior design and planting of new trees and greenery on the exterior of the school building.

148-15 230th Street, Springfield Gardens


Votes: 633

M.S. 356 Smart Boards

This school needs new Smart Boards to improve students’ learning experience.

145-00 Springfield Boulevard, Springfield Gardens


Votes: 544

P.S. 156 Bathroom Upgrade

Upgrade to the bathroom floors, walls and stalls.

229-02 137th Avenue, Laurelton


Votes: 1,020

M.S./P.S. 132 Auditorium Upgrade

Auditorium upgrade requires redone floors, new chairs and stage area, new sound system and lighting.

132-15 218th Street, Springfield Gardens


Votes: 1,493