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District 8

Diana Ayala

El Barrio/East Harlem, Mott Haven, Highbridge, Concourse, Longwood, Port Morris

125th Street Corridor

In an effort to address conditions along the 125th Street Corridor, Councilmember Ayala has been hard at work creating a multi layered approach towards dealing with the social service needs of those suffering from mental health, substance abuse and the homeless inviduals who call the corridor home.  She has:

  • Monthly meetings with the 125th Street Working Group
  • Invited Mayor DeBlasio for a tour to assess the needs
  • Increased supplemental cleaning services
  • Increased funding for the 125th Merchants Association
  • Worked with the NYC Department of Homeless Services to help identify appropriate housing
  • Worked with the NYPD to address criminal behavior

110th Street and Lexington

As a result of a citywide increase in opioid use this area has seen a significant increase in syringe needles and active drug use.  In an effort to address these conditions, the Councilmember has:

  • Created a 110th Street Working Group made up of local community stakeholders to help inform on matters related to such conditions and help lay out a strategic plan to address
  • Allocated funding to New York Harm Reduction Educators to support syringe litter clean-up efforts and to create an Outreach and Public Safety Team specific to the area.  The Outreach and Public Safety Team will work directly with Drop-in Centers to bring people indoors.

South Bronx

  • Expanded the DOHMH HEAT teams to provide community engagement and outreach services and to canvass the community to support resident’s pre or post crisis by providing resources, light counseling, or service referrals.
  • Work with Community Syringe Service providers to conduct outreach and service referrals several times a week.
  • Work with the DOHMH and the NYC Department of Parks and recreation to collaborate on addressing syringe litter in the area.

Bill 1559 – A Local Law to amend the administrative code of the city of New York, in relation to the establishment of an office to provide support to those in need of burial assistance