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District 8

Diana Ayala

El Barrio/East Harlem, Mott Haven, Highbridge, Concourse, Longwood, Port Morris

Winning Projects:

Arts Culture and Community FacilitiesFunded
Technology Upgrades for District 8 Libraries

Add computers, copiers, printers, & upgrade the network & WiFi system at Aguilar, Mott Haven, and 125th Street Library.


East Harlem & South Bronx

Votes: 1,538

Technology Upgrades at P.S. 73

Assist with the social and emotional learning of students & give community members access to technology.


1020 Anderson Avenue (Bronx)

Votes: 698

South Bronx Prep Gym Renovation

Redo gym floor, install bleachers, paint and install a new sound system.


360 East 145th Street (Bronx)

Votes: 1,184

Water Fountain Upgrades for 9 East Harlem Schools

Drinking fountains and bottle filling stations for 9 East Harlem Schools.


PS 96, 83, 146, 38, 171, Mosaic, JR, EPA,BBMS

Votes: 1,243

Basketball Court Renovations at Patterson Houses

Renovate the basketball courts at Patterson Houses.


Patterson Houses (Bronx)

Votes: 1,083

The following projects were not funded:

School Yard Upgrades at P.S. 96

Improve the school playground: add safety nets, jungle gym, and rubber playground tiles for safety.


216 East 120th Street (East Harlem)

Votes: 1,102

Technology Upgrades for Three East Harlem Schools

Technology upgrades for Manhattan Center High School, Renaissance School of the Arts, and Tag Young Scholars


East Harlem

Votes: 1,152

Moore Houses Playground Renovation

Renovate entire playground area at Moore Houses & improve equipment for residents.


Moore Houses (Bronx)

Votes: 601

Playground Renovations at Wilson Houses

Renovate the playground area at Wilson Houses so the community has a safe place to play and be outside.


Wilson Houses (East Harlem)

Votes: 868

Outdoor Senior Gym at Patterson Houses

An outdoor senior gym that will include water fountains, benches and game tables.


Patterson Houses (Bronx)

Votes: 989