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District 49

Deborah Rose

Arlington, Clifton, Clove Lakes, Concord, Elm Park, Graniteville, Livingston, Mariners Harbor, New Brighton, Port Richmond, Randall Manor, Rosebank, St. George, Snug Harbor, Silver Lake, Stapleton, Sunnyside, West Brighton and Tompkinsville

Winning Projects:

Real Time Passenger Bus Arrival Sign

MTA BusTime signs can be placed in areas to assist people with limited access to smartphones.

S48, S53, S44, S40, and S46


Parks and RecreationFunded
Basketball Court at Faber Park

Construction of basketball court at Faber Park; $700,000 invested; project would still need $1.24 million to complete.

Richmond Terrace and Faber Street


STEM Carts in Schools

STEM mobile labs for P.S.78, P.S.20, Port Richmond HS, P.S.18, P.S.16, P.S.22; Disaster Preparedness Package for P.S.22

P.S.78, P.S.20, PRHS, P.S.18, P.S.16, P.S.22


The following projects were not funded:

St. George Traffic Safety Improvements

Installing new pedestrian signals and crosswalks to enhance safety for commuters going to St. George Terminal.

Intersection of Bay St. and Richmond Terrace


Tompkinsville Area Safety Improvements

Creation of a new crosswalk at Bay St and Minthorne St with a pedestrian island; concrete median strips to calm traffic.

Bay and Minthorne Streets, Stapleton


Trench Restoration on North Shore

Repair and remove outdated rotten bracing beneath the roads to prevent road collapse.

Alaska St; VanBuren St; Wellbrook Av,Portage Av


Parks and Recreation
Reconstruct Picnic Area in Clove Lakes

Removal and reconstruction of picnic area, 10 picnic tables and associated elements in Clove Lakes Park.

3649, 1150 Clove Road


Parks and Recreation
Upgrade Jones Woods Park

Renovations to park; trail restoration.

2243, 90 Robert Lane


Mariner’s Harbor Houses Community Garden Repairs

Repair or replace fencing around community garden plots and prepare area to install composting equipment.

Area between 40 Roxbury St and 56 Roxbury St.


Gerard Carter Playground Enhancement

The playground needs rubber padding on the ground near swing sets and basketball courts.

Gerard Carter Community Center


Community Garden at Cassidy Senior Center

Community Garden with raised beds and seating area to bring in fresh food for seniors.

NYCHA Cassidy/Lafayette Senior Center


McKee Fragrance Lab and Hydroponic Labs

McKee students will learn to make colognes & perfumes; Hydroponic labs for agricultural & emergency preparedness program

St. Marks Place and Belmont Place