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District 49

Deborah Rose

Arlington, Clifton, Clove Lakes, Concord, Elm Park, Graniteville, Livingston, Mariners Harbor, New Brighton, Port Richmond, Randall Manor, Rosebank, St. George, Snug Harbor, Silver Lake, Stapleton, Sunnyside, West Brighton and Tompkinsville

Winning Projects:

Arts Culture and Community FacilitiesFunded
North Shore District Libraries Technology Upgrade

New laptops, kiosk, printers, phone system replacements, network equipment and WiFi upgrades.


5 Staten Island North Shore Public Libraries

Votes: 981

Advanced School Learning Upgrades

Install and replace MacBooks, laptop carts and printers at P.S.16, P.S.19, P.S.44, P.S.57, P.S.74, I.S. 49 & Curtis H.S.


District 49 Schools

Votes: 1,199

Mariners Harbor Basketball Court

Renovation to the basketball court including repaving the court, new basketball post, hoops, backboards and bleachers.


In front of 22 Roxbury Street

Votes: 707

The following projects were not funded:

Arts Culture and Community Facilities
Interactive Kiosks at the Staten Island Museum

Touchscreen display systems to provide further access to collections and wayfinding for museum visitors.


The Staten Island Museum

Votes: 407

Enhanced School Courtyard Upgrade (ESCU)

Upgrade I.S. 61’s courtyard, including fence replacement of 100 feet of iron fencing with stakes.


I.S. 61

Votes: 470

Mariners Harbor Houses Community Garden Repairs

Replace fencing around the community-garden plots and prepare areas to install composting equipment.


In the area between 40 Roxbury and 56 Roxbury

Votes: 484

Todt Hill Houses Adult Exercise Equipment

Outdoor adult exercise equipment installed next to the community center.


Outside of 255 Westwood Avenue

Votes: 374

Todt Hill Houses Children’s Sprinkler System

Install brand-new large children’s sprinkler system in the center of the Todt Hill Houses development.


In the children’s park

Votes: 523

St. George Traffic Safety Improvements

Improving the bike lanes, signal timing/ pedestrian crosswalks to improve travel time.


St. George-Richmond Terrace Intersection

Votes: 609

Trench Restoration

Replace bracing beneath the roads to avoid a possible collapse.


Outside of Heritage Park & Markham Gardens

Votes: 247

Tompkinsville Area Safety Improvements

Expanding sidewalk widths on Bay St. & the creation of a new crosswalk at Bay St. & Minthorne with a pedestrian island.


Bay Street and Minthorne Street

Votes: 370

Electronic Bus Countdown Clocks

Bus arrival signs along S48, S53, S44, S40 and S46 routes in areas where smart phone access to MTA BusTime is limited.


Various Bus Stops

Votes: 624