District 44

David G. Greenfield

Bensonhurst, Borough Park, Midwood, Ocean Parkway

Winning Projects:

Street Repair and Resurfacing

Potholes, street caves and ridges can cause major damage to both cars and pedestrians. These funds will go towards fixing the worst streets.

To be Determined by the DOT, District Wide


Votes: 1,555

Beautify Boro Park

Planting 100 new tree throughout Boro Park to beautify the neighborhood.

To Be Determined by the DOT, Borough Park


Votes: 1,110

B11 Bus Time Signs

Electronic signs will be installed along the B11 and B6 lines to inform passengers of the next bus’ arrival. The Department of Transportation will install 10 signs along the B11 route.

To Be Determined by the DOT, District Wide


Votes: 1,395

Arts Culture and Community FacilitiesFunded
New OHEL Headquarters

Funding for the new OHEL headquarters to be located on Avenue M. This will serve as the main campus for the well-respected charity and allow for expanded community services to families and residents.

East 14th Street and Avenue M, Midwood


Votes: 1,040

The following projects were not funded:

Parks & Recreation
Renovations to Friends Field

Upgrade and expand existing playground.

East 4th Street and Avenue L, Midwood


Votes: 777

Parks & Recreation
Renovations to Kolbert Playground

Improve Kolbert Playground so that children have a safe place to play and seniors have somewhere to relax.

East 17th Street and Avenue L, Midwood


Votes: 563

Parks & Recreation
Renovations to Samuel Goldberg Triangle

This triangle is an important green space in the neighborhood. With a large tree providing shade to the benches in this plaza, this site is a popular destination for senior citizens.

65th Street and Avenue O, Bensonhurst


Votes: 310

E-Tech Support at P.S. 231

Establish equal access to technology by purchasing three laptop carts with 24 laptops each.

5601 16th Avenue #5, Borough Park


Votes: 189

Electrical Upgrades at P.S. 99

Upgrades the school’s electrical system so it can support adequate lighting and necessary new technologies.

1120 East 10th Street, Midwood


Votes: 270

Support the Arts Auditorium Upgrade

Art programs are vital to the growth of a young mind. Refurbishing the auditorium at I.S. 96 will have a drastic impact on the school’s productions and meetings.

99 Avenue P, Bensonurst


Votes: 398

Air Conditioning at P.S. 134

Rewire the school’s electrical system to support air conditioning on the third floor.

4001 18th Avenue, Midwood


Votes: 420

E-Tech Support at P.S. 192

Establish equal access to technology by upgrading and installing 20 new computers at the school.

4715 18th Avenue, Borough Park


Votes: 223

Arts Culture and Community Facilities
Children’s Room at Midwood Library

Upgrade the existing children’s room in order to increase capacity and utilization.

975 East 16th Street, Midwood


Votes: 565

Arts Culture and Community Facilities
New Lighting at Highlawn Library

Installing new lights to increase visibility and readership.

1664 West 13th Street, Gravesend


Votes: 387