Brooklyn, NY – There is an energy of change brewing in the New York City. As one of the newest city council members Darma V. Diaz is looking forward to serving the district. “It is an honor to be on the New York City Council. I have dedicated my professional life to social service”. Councilwoman Diaz’s time in the NYC Council comes at a time of transition when more than 30 members are term limited and will not return to the council in 2022. Also, her time in the council sees record levels of unemployment and health issues because of the COVID-19 pandemic. “My role on the city council so far has been surreal”, says Councilwoman Diaz. “I hit the ground running because it’s a crucial time and we need leadership in the 37th District”. Councilwoman Diaz is working on some of the most poignant issues our city and district has faced seeing in one of the most critical times of our city’s history. The committee on Women and gender equity is one of the most important committees to be involved in and she is honored to be the newest chair.

“In my time as a social worker, I have seen inequalities and burdens women encounter” continued Councilwoman Diaz. “There are many ways our city can do better in pay equity, looking to combat issues of gender equity, acknowledgments within our LGTBQ and trans community, race in gender relations, domestic violence, and the need leadership development of our young girls”, believes Councilwoman Diaz. She also thinks the full scope of this committee has yet to be fully explored. The NYC Council and all the committees within its purview is an ever-changing chamber mirroring the evolution of its citizenry. As a newly elected city council member Councilwoman Diaz wants this committee to evolve into something that has broad reach into the full capacity of its scope.

In thinking about her role in the council Councilwoman Diaz knows she, “takes [her] time in the city council very seriously. My role as Chair of the Committee on Women and Gender Equity tackles some of the most pertinent issues of our time as we come closer to a fairer and more just city. I look forward to working with my colleagues in the city council, organizations, residents, and my community in coordinating initiatives worthy of this honor.”