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District 27

I. Daneek Miller

Cambria Heights, Hollis, Jamaica, St. Albans, Queens Village, and Springfield Gardens

Winning Projects:

Mobile Laptop Cart & Laptop Computers (4 Schools)

Purchase two laptop carts and 70 laptops for each school: P.S. 176, P.S. 360, P.S. 37 and YECA.


P.S. 176, P.S. 360, P.S. 37 and YECA

Votes: 1,094

P.S. 176, P.S. 37, I.S. 8 Auditorium Upgrade

Each school will receive $125,000 to replace the sound system, replace speakers and install a ceiling mounted projector.


P.S. 176, P.S. 37 and I.S. 8

Votes: 881

Water Fountains with Bottle Refilling Stations

Bottle filling stations at P.S. 15, 121-15 Lucas Street; P.S. 37, 179-37 137 Avenue; P.S./M.S. 147, 218-01 116 Avenue; P.S. 360, 199-10 112 Avenue.


P.S. 15, P.S. 37, P.S./M.S. 147, and P.S. 360

Votes: 672

Campus Magnet Gymnasium Upgrades

The school’s gymnasium will receive much needed upgrades to the flooring and basketball courts.


207-01 116 Avenue

Votes: 747

Football Field House Upgrades at Campus Magnet

This project will provide upgrades to the outdated locker room facilities for the school’s football team.


207-01 116 Avenue

Votes: 691

The following projects were not funded:

P.S. 360Q Greenhouse Classroom Conversion

Students gain the opportunity to grow food, while learning hands-on about nutrition and sustainable development.


199-10 112th Avenue, St. Albans

Votes: 334

Mobile STEM Labs for P.S. 37 and P.S. 360

STEM Lab system within a sturdy cart on wheels with an NAO robot.


179-37 137 Avenue; 199-10 112 Avenue

Votes: 348

Parks & Recreation
Beautify the Boulevard

This project will make Linden Boulevard a more desirable place to visit and shop by planting trees and flowers.


Linden Boulevard from Farmers Boulevard to 234 Street

Votes: 444

Parks & Recreation
Haggerty Park Basketball Court Upgrades

This project will repair and upgrade the basketball courts in this heavily utilized park.


94-01 202nd Street

Votes: 280

Queens Village Street Restoration

Street reconstruction with upgrades to ensure ADA compliance and improve the poor condition of the curbs and sidewalks.


221 Street between 103 Avenue and Hempstead Avenue

Votes: 319

STEM/STEAM Mobile Science Carts

Mobile science carts will be provided for students at these three schools: P.S. 95, P.S./I.S. 268 and I.S. 238.


179-01 90 Avenue; 92-07 175 Street; 88-15 182 Street

Votes: 431

Campus Magnet PA System Upgrades

This project will improve the outdated public address system in the building.


207-01 116 Avenue

Votes: 586