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District 22

Costa Constantinides

Astoria, East Elmhurst, Jackson Heights, Woodside

Winning Projects:

Arts Culture and Community FacilitiesFunded
Redo Children’s Area at District 22 Libraries

Astoria Library – added funds for a current repair; Steinway Library – needed upgrades (carpet, furniture, paint, etc).


14-01 Astoria Boulevard; 21-45 31st Street

Votes: 1,637

STEM Lab at I.S. 141

Tools for chemistry, biology and math, robotics equipment, circuitry, engineering, 3D printing, programming and design


37-11 21st Avenue

Votes: 1,658

Lighting at Astoria Houses Community Center

Add lighting in the Astoria Houses Community Center entrance and extra lights in entryways, hallways, stairwells.


4-5 Astoria Boulevard; 4-25 Astoria Boulevard

Votes: 1,395

Road Repair and Resurfacing

Additional funding to the DOT’s roadway resurfacing program; $250,000 would cover up to 1 mile of a one-way street.


To be determined based off of district needs

Votes: 1,667

The following projects were not funded:

Gate Refurbishment

Refurbish/paint gates that surround the school to improve safety and the school’s appearance.


M.S. 126, 31-51 21st Street, Astoria

Votes: 514

Hydroponics Lab at Long Island City High School

1 smart board, 10+ modular units with pest management, 10+ lights per station, 1 composting station, 1 weather station.


14-30 Broadway

Votes: 1,114

Security System at Young Women’s Leadership School

Install camera security system school-wide; digital video board that shows all access points; staircase cameras needed.


23-15 Newtown Avenue

Votes: 1,064

Research Library at P.S.17/ Q300

Turn classroom into research center. Upgrades for research workstations, a smartboard, new shelves, outlets and carts.


28-37 29th Street

Votes: 1,091

Auditorium A/V System at P.S. 122

Replace the Audio and Video system in the Auditorium.


21-21 Ditmars Boulevard

Votes: 767

Technological Updates at Long Island City H.S.

Updating bandwidth within the school, replace smartboards and carts.


14-30 Broadway

Votes: 973

Tech Lab at I.S.10 Horace Greeley School

The Variety Boys & Girls Club’s (VBGC) largest program is based at I.S. 10, which is need of an upgraded tech lab.


45-11 31st Avenue

Votes: 825

Parks & Recreation
Toolshed at Two Coves Community Garden

Install a new toolshed for easy access and convenience to store tools for community garden maintenance.


8th Street between Astoria Boulevard & 30th Avenue

Votes: 824