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District 22

Costa Constantinides

Astoria, East Elmhurst, Jackson Heights, Woodside

Winning Projects:

I.S. 126 Playground

Transformation of I.S. 26’s parking lot into a recreational playground for the school and the entire community.

31-51 21 Street (Astoria)


Votes: 715

Public School District Wide Tech Upgrade

Technology upgrades of $35,000 each for the following schools: P.S. 84, P.S. 122, P.S. 234, I.S. 235, P.S. 17, P.S. 2 and I.S. 41.

District Wide (Astoria)


Votes: 825

Parks & RecreationFunded
Dog Run in Astoria

Turn Triborough Lot C under the RFK Bridge in Astoria into a dog run.

Hoyt Avenue between 23rd Street and 24th Street (Astoria)


Votes: 774

The following projects were not funded:

P.S. 84 Electrical Upgrades

Upgrade the school’s electrical system in order to support existing technology.

22-45 41 Street (Astoria)


Votes: 451

P.S. 84 Cafeteria Upgrade

Renovate the school’s cafeteria with new flooring, drop-ceiling, cafeteria benches and tables.

22-45 41 Street (Astoria)


Votes: 218

P.S. 122 Cafeteria Soundproofing

Soundproof the school’s cafeteria. The school was built nearly a century ago and the cafeteria was not designed to mitigate noise levels. Currently, students complain of headaches.

21-21 Ditmars Boulevard (Astoria)


Votes: 367

P.S. 151 Bathroom Renovations

Renovations will updates the bathroom’s plumbing system and aesthetics- making the facilities safer and cleaner.

50-05 31 Avenue (Woodside)


Votes: 293

P.S. 2 Wheelchair Ramp Access

Build a ramp to allow for wheelchair access into the school- allowing the school to be designed once again as a polling site for voters.

75-10 21 Avenue (East Elmhurst)


Votes: 478

P.S. 2 Music Room

Create a music room for students at P.S. 2. This will create a special space for students to receive a music and arts education.

75-10 21 Avenue (East Elmhurst)


Votes: 667

P.S. 166 Rooftop Playground

Build a playground on the roof of P.S. 166 to give students a recreational space to play.

33-09 35 Avenue (Long Island City)


Votes: 418

P.S. 70 Science Lab Upgrade

Renovate the science lab facility at P.S. 70 to provide students with the best tools to learn about the sciences.

30-45 42 Street (Astoria)


Votes: 594

Newtown Plaza

This project would begin the process of redesigning the streetscape on Newtown Avenue between 32nd Street and 33rd Street so that a pedestrian plaza could be constructed at that location.

Newtown Avenue between 32nd and 33rd Streets (Astoria)


Votes: 617

Redesign 21 Street at Astoria Boulevard

This project would ass curb extensions to the 21st Street/Astoria Boulevard intersection and shorten the distance that pedestrians need to cross.

21 Street/Astoria Boulevard (Astoria)


Votes: 670

Parks & Recreation
Fitness Upgrade: Whitey Ford Field

Upgrade the fitness equipment, enhancing the public health benefits of the playground.

26th Avenue and 2nd Street (Astoria)


Votes: 234

Parks & Recreation
Play for All: Hallets Cove Playground

Upgrade playground and install equipment for children with special needs.

30th Avenue and Vernon Boulevard (Astoria)


Votes: 637

Parks & Recreation
Basketball Court: Woodtree Playground

Upgrade the basketball court at Woodtree Playground, enhancing the fitness benefits of the playground.

20th Avenue between 37th and 38th Streets (Astoria)


Votes: 193

Parks & Recreation
Dog Run in Jackson Heights

Turn the lot on 78th Street into a dog run.

78th Street between 25th Avenue and 30th Avenue (Jackson Heights)


Votes: 214

Renovate Astoria Houses Basketball Court

Purpose of the project is to renovate the Astoria Houses basketball court so that is it as a safe and attractive facility for the community residents.

4-25 Astoria Boulevard (Astoria)


Votes: 571