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District 3

Corey Johnson

Chelsea, Hell’s Kitchen, Greenwich Village, West SoHo, Hudson Square, Times Square, Garment District, Flatiron, Upper West Side

Winning Projects:

Street Tree Protection Package

Project provides a tree guard, watering tree-gator and informative care tag for all street trees planted since 2017.

District Wide


Improved Lighting for NYCHA Parks

Project would fund improved lighting in the park areas at both the NYCHA Elliott-Chelsea Houses and Fulton Houses.

NYCHA Elliott-Chelsea and Fulton Houses


Upgraded Water Fountains for Public Schools

Project would install 35 new water bottle refilling fountains in public schools throughout Council District 3.

District Wide


The following projects were not funded:

Real Time Passenger Information – Bus Clocks

Real-time bus passenger information clocks at five bus stops, prioritizing the M11 bus route.

District Wide


More Turnstiles at C/E 50th Street Station

Project would install two additional turnstiles at the entrance/exit of the C/E 50th Street Station.

West 50th Street Subway


Holland Tunnel Area Pedestrian Safety Improvements

Project would extend the pedestrian space along Freeman Plaza near the Holland Tunnel, installing benches and lighting.

Varick St. between Watts and Broome Streets


Parks and Recreation
Spray Shower Renovation at McCaffrey Playground

This project would fund the restoration of spray showers so children can continue to enjoy them and play safely.

West 43 Street between 8 Ave. and 9 Ave.


Parks and Recreation
Gertrude Kelly Park Pathway Repairs

Project would renovate the tile pathway in and around the park.

320 West 17th Street


P.S. 51 Entrance Accessibility Upgrade

Project would improve safety and accessibility of the school’s entrance with electric doors and improved lighting.

525 West 44th Street


More Accessible Bathrooms at Park West High School

Project would renovate two restrooms for District 75 students who require staff assistance for toileting.

525 West 50th Street


Arts Culture and Community Facilities
Air Conditioning for Muhlenberg Library

Project would replace the HVAC unit at Muhlenberg Library.

209 West 23rd Street


Arts Culture and Community Facilities
Hudson Park Library Accessible Bathrooms

Project would renovate the library’s restrooms and make them ADA accessible as part of a major branch renovation.

66 Leroy Street