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District 3

Corey Johnson

Chelsea, Hell’s Kitchen, Greenwich Village, West SoHo, Hudson Square, Times Square, Garment District, Flatiron, Upper West Side

Winning Projects:

Arts Culture & Community FacilitiesFunded
Technology Upgrade for Libraries

This project would fund technology upgrades – including new desktops, printers and more – at libraries in District 3

$200,000 .

District Wide

Votes: 2,205

Technology Upgrade for Public Schools

This project would support growing technology demands in every public school in District 3.


District Wide

Votes: 2,289

Parks and RecreationFunded
Tree Guards to Promote the Health of New and Established Trees

This project would install over 200 tree guards to protect valuable and vulnerable trees throughout District 3.


District Wide

Votes: 1,533

Real Time Rider Information at Bus Stops

Five additional electronic boards to display real time bus arrival information at key bus stops throughout District 3.


District Wide

Votes: 1,777

The following projects were not funded:

New Air Conditioning for Dance Studio at P.S. 11

The project would fund the installation of one split system AC unit in the dance studio at P.S. 11.


320 West 21st Street

Votes: 782

Gym Renovation at P.S. M721

This project would fund a new fitness center for special needs students who currently lack adequate recreation space.


250 West Houston Street

Votes: 1,054

Security Cameras for NYCHA Elliott-Chelsea Houses

This project would fund the purchase of additional security cameras and monitors in the NYCHA Elliott-Chelsea Houses.”


NYCHA Elliott-Chelsea Houses

Votes: 1,210

Security Cameras at the NYCHA Fulton Houses

This project would fund the purchase of additional security cameras and monitors in the NYCHA Fulton Houses


NYCHA Fulton Houses

Votes: 920

Parks and Recreation
Renovate Park Surrounding Chelsea District Health Center

This project would restore the grounds of the City-run health center in Chelsea that reopens in spring.


303 Ninth Avenue

Votes: 1,253

Parks and Recreation
Basketball Court Renovations at Chelsea Park

This project would repave and repaint the court surface, install new hoops and add new seating.


West 28th Street between 9th & 10th Avenues

Votes: 876

Historic Street Lighting for 7th Avenue South

Funds would install historic lamp posts on 7th Avenue South between Commerce Street and Carmine and Clarkson Streets.


Greenwich Village Historic District

Votes: 1,028