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District 3

Corey Johnson

Chelsea, Hell’s Kitchen, Greenwich Village, West SoHo, Hudson Square, Times Square, Garment District, Flatiron, Upper West Side

Winning Projects:

P.S. 111 Air Conditioning for the Library

Project would provide air conditioning for the library, which is used as a summer school site for hundreds of students.

440 West 53rd Street


Votes: 1,323

Grounds Renovation at NYCHA Elliott-Chelsea Houses

New playground fending, renovate walkways and revitalize garden areas designed with Elliott-Chelsea Houses residents.

Elliott-Chelsea Houses


Votes: 1,295

Parks and RecreationFunded
New Park in Hell’s Kitchen

Funds will go towards transforming an empty lot into a new public park for the people of Hell’s Kitchen.

10th Avenue between 48th and 49th Streets


Votes: 1,405

Real Time Rider Information at Bus Stops

Electronic boards to display real time bus arrival information at five key bus stops throughout Council District 3.

District Wide


Votes: 1,358

The following projects were not funded:

& CommunityArtsCulture
Hudson Park Library Accessible Bathrooms

This project would provide ADA accessibility to toilet facilities in the Hudson Park Library.

66 Leroy Street


Votes: 922

Filtered Water Fountains at Lab & Museum Schools

12 new water fountains with water filtration systems and environmentally-friendly bottle filling stations.

333 West 17th Street


Votes: 1,019

New Electrical Outlets at P.S. 3

Upgrade electrical panel and two new quad outlets for 40 rooms, which would minimize overloading of the current outlets.

490 Hudson Street


Votes: 950

Tech Upgrade at High School of Fashion Industries

Funds will be used to purchase additional computers and printers to support student learning.

225 West 24th Street


Votes: 827

Parks and Recreation
Renovation of Penn South Playground

A renovation and re-visioning of Penn South Playground, designed with the residents of Penn South.

West 26th Street between 8th and 9th Avenues


Votes: 1,013

Parks and Recreation
Jefferson Market Garden Upgrades

Replace northern chain-link fence to match existing iron fence that surrounds the garden and add new shed to house tools.

Greenwich Avenue and 10th Street


Votes: 674

Parks and Recreation
Bleecker Street Playground Renovation

Funds will repair/replace all safety surface, roofs on play equipment, new trees, replant green space and more!

Hudson Street, Bleecker Street and West 11th Street


Votes: 854

Historic Street Lighting for Greenwich Village

Funds would replace the old street lighting with historic lamp posts on 7th Avenue between Christopher and Bleecker Streets.

Greenwich Village Historic District


Votes: 952

Basketball Court Renovations at Chelsea Park

This project would repave and repaint the court and install new hoops.

West 27th Street and 10th Avenue


Votes: 868

Humanities Educational Complex Bathroom Renovation

This project would repair a fifth grade bathroom and a library bathroom that serves the six schools in the building.

351 West 18th Street


Votes: 705

Toddler Sprinkler Resurface at Fulton Houses

The existing playground surface is crumbling and has holes in it. The area needs to be excavated and resurfaced so children can safely play in it.

Fulton Houses


Votes: 890