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District 3

Corey Johnson

Chelsea, Hell’s Kitchen, Greenwich Village, West SoHo, Hudson Square, Times Square, Garment District, Flatiron, Upper West Side

Winning Projects:

Arts, Culture, & CommunityFunded
Cool Muhlenberg Library. Renovate HVAC System

Votes: 858 | Cost: $500,000

209 West 23rd Street
Replace the building’s HVAC cooling unit to ensure that the branch can continue to serve as a cool space in the summer months, which includes serving as an official NYC Cooling Center.

A New Library for City Knoll School

Votes: 686 | Cost: $300,000

425 West 33rd Street
Technological and construction updates to create a library space at City Knoll School. This project will help engage students and prepare them for the skills needed in the 21st century.

New Audio / Visual System for P.S 11

Votes: 813 | Cost: $75,000

320 West 21st Street
A new Audio/Visual System in the auditorium of P.S. 11. The school needs a working A/V system to fulfill its curriculum requirements for students.

Parks & RecreationFunded
New Trees for Council District 3

Votes: 1083 | Cost: $100,000

District wide
Plant new trees and install tree guards on blocks with few or no trees throughout District 3.

Real Time Rider Information at Bus Stops

Votes: 790 | Cost: $100,000

District wide
Electronic Boards to display real time bus arrival information at five key bus stops, offering convenience for riders. The proposed locations will be subject to feasibility analysis by DOT.

The following projects were not funded:

A Green Roof for 75 Morton School

Votes: 683 | Cost: $200,000

75 Morton Street
Build a green roof on the new middle school coming to 75 Morton Street. This would provide new physical and educational opportunities for students.

Bathroom Upgrade – Lab MS, Lab HS & Museum High

Votes: 700 | Cost: $560,000

333 West 17th Street
Phase 2 renovations will make needed repairs to bathrooms on upper floors, addressing health and hygiene concerns for the school community.

Gym Renovation – Lab M.S, Lab H.S.& Museum High

Votes: 522 | Cost: $300,000

333 West 17th Street
Gym improvements with exploration to build more communal space will address broken bleachers, difficult to operate scoreboard, flooring to support aerobic activity, and create more educational space.

Parks & Recreation
Grounds Renovation at Elliott-Chelsea Houses

Votes: 616 | Cost: $500,000

425 West 25th Street
Add new playground fencing, renovate walkways, and revitalize garden and grassy areas. Project would be designed to budget and priority areas would be determined in conjunction with the RA leadership.

Parks & Recreation
New Fitness Equipment for Chelsea Park

Votes: 535 | Cost: $180,000

West 27th Street and 10th Avenue
New fitness units, including safety surfacing, seating and drinking fountains replacement.

Parks & Recreation
Renovation of Historic Field House

Votes: 348 | Cost: $250,000

1 Downing Street
Restoration towards the Downing Street playground’s historic field house and bathrooms to make them wheelchair accessible.

Parks & Recreation
Repair/Reopen Staircase at DeWitt Clinton Park

Votes: 387 | Cost: $500,000

West 52 Street and 11 Avenue
The southwest entrance staircase is crumbling and has been closed for years. Repairing this entrance will make the park accessible to visitors and easier for children to enter the park on 12th Ave.

Parks & Recreation
Renovate the Basketball Court at Chelsea Park

Votes: 558 | Cost: $350,000

West 27th Street and 10th Avenue
The basketball court is a neighborhood favorite which needs to be improved for the safety and enjoyment of the community. This project would repave the court and install new rims.

Parks & Recreation
Renovation at Gertrude Kelly Playground

Votes: 467 | Cost: $350,000

West 17th Street between 8th and 9th Avenues
Renovate the basketball court and adjacent sidewalk at Gertrude Kelly Playground

More Turnstiles at C/E 50th Street Station

Votes: 217 | Cost: $135,000

C/E Subway Station at 50th Street and 8th Avenue
Install two additional turnstiles at the entrance/exit of the C/E 50th Street uptown platform. More turnstiles will ease congestion and reduce wait times for passengers at this entrance/exit.