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District 3

Corey Johnson

Chelsea, Hell’s Kitchen, Greenwich Village, West SoHo, Hudson Square, Times Square, Garment District, Flatiron, Upper West Side

Winning Projects:

& CommunityArtsCultureFunded
Renovations for Jefferson Market Library

Jefferson Market Library is one of the busiest libraries in Manhattan with up to 1,000 peopel visiting each year. Funding would go towards renovating the lobby bathroom to make it ADA-compliant.

425 Avenue of the Americas (West Village)


Votes: 648

Bathroom Renovations at Lab School

Students avoid current bathroom issues by waiting until after school and utilizing local restaurants. Project would renovate 2 student bathrooms on each floor and bathrooms adjacent to the cafeteria.

333 West 17th Street (Chelsea)


Votes: 594

P.S. 3 Library Renovations

The library has not been renovated in over a decade. With the technological advances of the last decade, modernizing the library is important in meeting the educational needs of today’s students.

490 Hudson Street (West Village)


Votes: 533

Parks and RecreationFunded
New Park for the Community

Transform the vacant lot on West 20th Street into a new public park for the community. Project would go towards demolishing the former Department of Sanitation building and environmental clean up.

136 West 20th Street (Chelsea)


Votes: 1,342

Parks and RecreationFunded
Revitalization of Chelsea Waterside Park

Chelsea has very limited green park space. The project would bring residents into this underused park by creating an interactive garden for local children, focusing on ethnobotany and native plants.

11th Avenue between West 22nd Street and West 24th Street (Chelsea)


Votes: 758

Pedestrian Safety: Raised Crosswalks

Help prevent further crashes, death and injuries for pedestrians by installing a speed table at a notoriously dangerous crosswalk at West 45th Street and 9th Avenue.

West 45th Street and 9th Avenue (Hell’s Kitchen)


Votes: 532

Sidewalk Repair/Replacement

The sidewalk on West 26th Street between 9th and 10th Avenues is in desperate need of repair. It has become difficult to walk, push carriages and wheelchairs on the sidewalk.

Chelsea-Elliot Houses (Chelsea)


Votes: 578

The following projects were not funded:

& CommunityArtsCulture
Cooling System for Muhlenberg Library

Funding will replace the building’s HVAC cooling unit to ensure that the branch can continue to serve as a cool space in the summer months, which includes serving as an official NYC Cooling Center.

209 West 23rd Street (Chelsea)


Votes: 571

O. Henry Learning Campus Renovations

Hudson Guild, Lab High School, Lab Middle School, and Museum School will benefit from the new gym bleachers, gym, scoreboard and locker room bathroom renovations.

333 West 17th Street (Chelsea)


Votes: 363

Bathroom Renovations for P.S. 3

Renovation of existing bathroom facilities to promote a more sanitary environment for all students, faculty and school visitors.

490 Hudson Street (West Village)


Votes: 515

Public Address System Update

Public Address (PA) system repair and upgrades to support the needs of three separate schools in the building, as well as building-wide announcements.

333 West 17th Street (Chelsea)


Votes: 238

Parks and Recreation
Downing Playground and Fountain Upgrades

Playground upgrades with new play equipment for children, as well as a safer, more child-friendly drinking fountain to replace the aging concrete structure that us currently falling apart.

1 Downing Street (West Village)


Votes: 337

Community Composting Center

A year-round solar-powered, forced air composting system for residents of Hell’s Kitchen. The center would have the capacity for at least two compost drop-off days a week.

Hell’s Kitchen


Votes: 483

Parks and Recreation
New Soccer Turf Field at Fulton Houses

New soccer turf, including physical safety and ball-strike safety fence or netting for neighboring window safety, marked field and durable permanent mini goals.

Fulton Houses (Chelsea)


Votes: 297

Parks and Recreation
Resurfacing Sprinklers at Fulton Houses

The toddler sprinkler area is used extensively by the children. The area needs to be excavated and resurfaced with the right materials so the children can continue to enjoy it and play safely.

Fulton Houses (Chelsea)


Votes: 281

Parks and Recreation
Upgrading Fulton Houses Basketball Court

This project will offer all residents access to a modern basketball court. Court requires pavement to be leveled, drainage correction, proper landscaping and court markings.

Fulton Houses (Chelsea)


Votes: 316

Bus Time Clocks for the M11 and M12

Installation of bus time clocks that will provide waiting passengers with time information and bus arrival times.

Along the M11 and M12 Routes


Votes: 412