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District 38

Carlos Menchaca

Red Hook, Sunset Park, Greenwood Heights and portions of Windsor Terrace, Dyker Heights, and Boro Park

Winning Projects:

P.S. 94 Security Camera

Installing security camera system at the premise of the school to ensure students’ safety.


5010 6th Avenue, Sunset Park

Votes: 4,799

SAV Technology for School Auditoriums

Improve theatrical experience for our students with an upgrade on audio and visual technology for school auditoriums.


P.S.1, P.S.169, P.S.105, M.S.136, M.S.821

Votes: 6,337

Better Technology for Classrooms & Libraries

Tech equipment for South Brooklyn High School, P.S. 105, M.S. 821, P.S. 503 and P.S. 371K.


Sunset Park and Red Hook

Votes: 6,047

Parks and RecreationFunded
Rainbow Playground Upgrade

Renovation of Rainbow Playground, updating the children’s play area and redesigning the seating area.


6th Avenue and 55th Street, Sunset Park

Votes: 5,796

The following projects were not funded:

P.S. 503/506 Gym AC Wiring and Safety Panel

Install AC wiring and safety panel in the gym, used by over 2000 students.


330 59th Street, Sunset Park

Votes: 3,366

P.S. 676 Library Multimedia Center

Renovating the old school library and add a multimedia center equipped with modern technology.


27 Huntington Street, Red Hook

Votes: 2,286

P.S. 676/Summit Academy STEAM Design Studio

A design studio that students can use various machines from 3D printer to sewing machine to create their art projects.


27 Huntington Street, Red Hook

Votes: 2,119

Summit Academy School Science Lab

A quality science lab will help ensure the students get the proper exposure to science laboratory techniques.


27 Huntington Street, Red Hook

Votes: 2,280

Improve Auditoriums for Neighborhood Schools

Renovate auditoriums by improving and repairing stages, lighting and chairs for P.S. 1, P.S. 169 and M.S. 821.


Sunset Park

Votes: 3,123

Parks and Recreation
Plant 100 New Trees on Third Avenue

Plant 100 new trees to reduce air pollution from the Gowanus Expressway, and improve public health for the community.


Along Third Avenue and the Gowanus Expressway

Votes: 2,326

Parks and Recreation
Repair Entrance Steps of Sunset Park

Replace broken steps at park entrances on 41st and 44th Streets to make safer and wheelchair/stroller accessible.


5th Avenue between 41st and 44th Streets

Votes: 2,685

Parks and Recreation
Sidewalk Repair Along Sunset Park

Repair crumbling sidewalk along 5th Avenue between 41st and 44th Streets.


5th Avenue between 41st and 44th Streets

Votes: 2,074

Road Re-pavement in Community Board 10 and 12

Repairing road in Community Boards 10 and 12.


Sunset Park, Bay Ridge and Borough Park

Votes: 1,448

Road Re-pavement in Community Board 6

Repairing roads in Red Hook.


Red Hook

Votes: 902