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District 38

Carlos Menchaca

Red Hook, Sunset Park, Greenwood Heights and portions of Windsor Terrace, Dyker Heights, and Boro Park

Winning Projects:

Parks and RecreationFunded
Handball Court Renovations

All courts need to be resurfaced. This will provide a safe and playable environment for hundreds of handball players.

Sunset Park, 44th Street and 6th Avenue


Votes: 2,609

Schoolyard Improvement

Repair the track and add a ramp for families to use, making it easier to access the school yard.

P.S. 503/P.S. 506- 330 59th Street


Votes: 2,919

Security Cameras for Children Safety

Installing surveillance cameras outside and within the school will ensure the safety of our children.

P.S. 1- 309 47th Street


Votes: 3,512

Smart Tech for Summit Academy

Teacher resource stations, computers and much needed equipment to improve learning for our diverse children.

Summit academy- 27 Huntington Street


Votes: 2,591

Electrical Upgrade and A.C. Wiring for School’s Gym

Students and community members will be able to enjoy activities and community event with an improved cooling system.

M.S. 821/M.S. 136- 4004 4th Avenue


Votes: 2,792

The following projects were not funded:

Schoolyard Update at P.S. 69

Installing additional schoolyard gate openings, outdoor lighting and new basketball hoops.

P.S. 69, 6302 9th Avenue


Votes: 2,162

Bathroom Renovations

The full renovation of the 2nd floor bathrooms for students and staff. This will complete renovation of all bathrooms.

P.S. 15- The Patrick F. Daly Magnet School


Votes: 2,450

A/C Wiring at P.S. 94

Rewiring of air conditioners in the classrooms. These classrooms become very uncomfortable in the warmer months.

P.S. 94 The Henry Longfellow School


Votes: 2,312

Gymnasium Updates and Remodeling

We would like to have a state of the art gym, which would include a heating/cooling system and technological upgrades.

M.S. 88- 544 7th Avenue


Votes: 2,334

P.S. 24 School Yard Update and Renovation

Adding new extended gates and rubberized flooring will make the school yards a safer environment for the children.

P.S. 24- 427 38th Street


Votes: 2,121

Auditorium Lighting and Sound Upgrade

Enhancing the auditorium, which will include new microphones, lighting, projector, speakers and a secondary control panel.

John J. Pershing I.S. 220- 4812 9th Avenue


Votes: 2,502

Split Level A.C. in Multi-Purpose Room

A cooling system is needed in the multi-purpose room where meetings, school activities and enrichment classes are held.

P.S. 516- 4222 4th avenue


Votes: 1,603