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District 39

Brad Lander

Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens, Columbia Waterfront, Gowanus, Park Slope, Windsor Terrace, Borough Park, Kensington

Winning Projects:

Replace Derelict Kindergarten Sinks at P.S. 282

Replace rusty sinks and splintered cabinets that pose a health/safety hazard to 5-year-olds and after-school communities


P.S. 282, 180 6th Avenue, Park Slope

Votes: 4,036

Make P.S. 118 Schoolyard Accessible and Safe

Replace broken gate, enabling growing school to utilize playground as its only communal, ADA-accessible space.


P.S. 118, 211 8th Street, Gowanus

Votes: 3,808

Parks & RecreationFunded
Harmony Playground Improvements

Install shade structure over sandbox and replace non-working playground structures with viable equipment.


Harmony Playground in Prospect Park

Votes: 2,973

Parks & RecreationFunded
Senior Fitness Playground

Install playground-style exercise equipment for senior citizens and the less able-bodied.


Prospect Park near 9th Street entrance

Votes: 3,357

Parks & RecreationFunded
Resurface the Soccer Field in Albemarle Playground

Replace damaged, hazardous turf in widely used soccer field, shared by students at P.S. 230 and the Kensington community.


12th Avenue and Dahill Road

Votes: 2,945

The following projects were not funded:

Arts Culture and Community Facilities
Outdoor Community Space for Borough Park Library

Activate Borough Park Library’s exterior areas with a plaza renovation and garden spaces.


Borough Park Library, 1265 43rd Street

Votes: 2,027

Renovate John Jay Library into Communal Space

Transform old library into a community meeting & classroom space by installing 5 large screen monitors and sound system.


John Jay Campus, 237 7th Avenue, Park Slope

Votes: 2,719

Get Smarter with SMART Boards at P.S. 131

Smart Boards will bring interactive lessons to 24 classrooms in low income schools helping meet diverse learning needs.


4305 Fort Hamilton Parkway, Borough Park

Votes: 2,499