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District 39

Brad Lander

Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens, Columbia Waterfront, Gowanus, Park Slope, Windsor Terrace, Borough Park, Kensington

Winning Projects:

Realtime Bus Arrival Info near Subway Stops

Install 8 countdown clocks at bus stops near subway exits, to enable informed decisions on transportation choices.

Near F, G, R stops


Votes: 3,362

Parks & RecreationFunded
Bring Water to Thomas Cuite Park (“Froggy Park”)

Restore service to only water fountain in playground loved by locals and used heavily by 500 preschoolers from P.S. K280.

11th Avenue and 19th Street, Windsor Terrace


Votes: 2,648

More Street Trees Throughout the District

Add 35 trees with guards to provide shade and beautify the neighborhoods, especially where few or no trees exist.

Streets in Kensington, Gowanus, Borough Park


Votes: 4,388

Repavement of P.S. 130 Schoolyard

Yard in dire need of new pavement/drainage. Floods and ice are big safety issues. The yard is school’s only gym space.

P.S. 130 Lower School, 70 Ocean Parkway, Kensington


Votes: 3,923

A/C for Sweltering P.S. 230 Cafeteria

large school seeks to make 3,400 sq-ft cafeteria bearable to enable year-round use as educational and community space.

P.S. 230, 1 Albemarle Road, Kensington


Votes: 4,738

FabLab for M.S. 442 Project-Based STEM Learning

Wiring upgrade to support innovative FabLab with 3D printer, laser cutter and other equipment to develop tech savvy kids.

M.S. 442, 500 19th Street, Windsor Terrace


Votes: 2,436

ArtsCulture & CommunityFunded
CHiPS Mobile Showers for Homeless Neighbors

The CHiPS soup kitchen will purchase a two-stall shower trailer that provides our neediest neighbors access to hygiene.

In front of CHiPS building, 200 4th Avenue


Votes: 5,293

The following projects were not funded:

Safer Street Crossing for Middle School Students

To increase safety for all, extend the curb between J.J. Byrne Playground and M.S. 51.

5th avenue and 4th Street, SE Corner


Votes: 3,105

Parks & Recreation
Install 1/4 Mile Markers on Prospect Park Drive

Place distance markers every 1/4 mile to serve exercise users and help visitors find their way to landmarks in the park.

Along the East and West Drive in Prospect Park


Votes: 953

Parks & Recreation
Renovate a Beloved, Busy and Bare-Bones Dog Run

Upgrade includes resurfacing, and installation of benches, fencing, shade trees and water for drinking and cleaning.

Washington Park, near JJ Byrne Playground


Votes: 1,408