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District 39

Brad Lander

Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens, Columbia Waterfront, Gowanus, Park Slope, Windsor Terrace, Borough Park, Kensington

Winning Projects:

ArtsCulture & CommunityFunded
Technology for Local Arts Non-Profits

New computers, projectors and storage servers for three well-established, local non-profits- Groundswell, Reelworks and Rooftop Films- to benefit the arts education of undeserved youth.



Votes: 1,027


A/C for P.S. 124 Cafeteria (Title 1 School)

The below-ground cafeteria is plagued by heat from open kitchen and poor circulation. The space is unbearably hot spring thru fall. The school hosts summer programs and the space is used year round.

515 4th Avenue (13th- 14th Streets), Park Slope


Votes: 1,442

P.S.146/M.S. 448 Innovative Gym Renovation

BNS/BCS serves 1,400 children. 50% qualify for free lunch. 30% have disabilities. Overcrowding is an issue. Renovation of a room (currently not usable) allows for physical fitness, yoga, dance, etc.

610 Henry Street (3rd Place- 4th Place), Carroll Gardens


Votes: 1,200

P.S 179 Auditorium Renovation

A Title 1 school with 1,000 students; 45% are English Language Learners. The renovation would make a decrepit auditorium functional with a wireless sound system, new curtains and a refurbished stage.

202 Avenue C (East 2nd Street- East 3rd Street), Kensington


Votes: 1,196

Make Union Street & 9th Street Greener

A green corridor taking shape along Union Street will be extended between Bond and 4th Avenue. Bioswales will capture storm water and create habitat. Pending geotechnical study, 9th Street will also be greened this way.

Union Street and 9th Street, Bond- 4th Avenue, Gowanus


Votes: 1,100

Parks & RecreationFunded
New Drainage along Path in Prospect Park

Fix flooding along path near Dongan oak Monument by excavating the area, reconstructing catch basins and installing new drainage. This is a popular area for runners and pedestrians along East Drive.

Between Battle Pass and the Zoo, Prospect Park


Votes: 997

Four Safer Intersection on Hicks Street

Augment an existing project to make painted curb extensions permanent with concrete, at four high-crash intersections: Kane, Sackett, Union and Summit Streets. Improve pedestrian and traffic safely.

Hicks Street between Kane and Summit Streets, Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens


Votes: 1,077

The following projects were not funded:

ArtsCulture & Community
Art in the 4th Avenue F/G Subway Station

To accompany its recent renovation, this station will receive a new art installation (specific location TBD) to serve as a major landmark and a symbol of our neighborhoods’ investment in the arts.

4th Avenue between 9th and 10th Streets, Gowanus and Park Slope


Votes: 725

ArtsCulture & Community
Park Slope Library Storytelling Garden

Convert the branch’s south lawn into an edible garden with raised beds and benches. In the sheltered hollow behind the building, construct a child-friendly micro-amphitheater for outdoor storytelling.

431 6th Avenue at 9th Street, Park Slope


Votes: 936

Windsor Terrace Stormwater Greenstreet

Inclusion of a greenstreet enhancement to a pedestrian refuge to capture storm water, calm traffic, provide stewardship partnership opportunities (like nearby with P.S. 154) and beautify the area.

Prospect park Southwest and 16th Street, Windsor Terrace


Votes: 832

Parks & Recreation
Kids Play Area at St. Mary’s Playground

Funding to help add a kid’s play area to a planned park renovation. Soft, resilient surface will allow for safe play or small sports and absorb rainwater. Park is under the elevated tracks along Smith Street.

Smith Street (Luquer-Huntington), Gowanus and Carroll Gardens


Votes: 640

Parks & Recreation
Water Service for Thomas Cuite Park

Restore water service to the water fountain in Thomas Cuite Park by excavating the street and replacing broken pipes. This local park has a playground and grassy area, located near the Prospect Expressway.

11th Avenue an 19th Street, Windsor Terrace


Votes: 453

More Turnstiles at 7th Avenue F/G Station

Install approximately 6 low turnstiles at both the 7th Avenue entrance and the 8th Avenue entrance; move unused token booth from center of station to 7th Avenue entrance. End the lines!

7th Avenue F/G Subway Station, Park Slope


Votes: 768