Council Member Brad Lander released the following statement following the City Council Zoning Subcommittee’s vote to amend and approve the application for 312 Coney Island Avenue on December 7, 2020:

“I share the frustration of many New Yorkers with a planning process that too often presents communities with reactive choices rather than including them in the process of shaping their neighborhoods. 

“I have heard loud and clear the community’s concerns about the height and density of the developers proposal for a 14-story housing development along Machate Circle and Ocean Parkway in my district. Unfortunately, our ability to shape this proposal at the City Council is limited, and there is good reason to believe that rejecting the proposal outright will result in an even taller hotel or self-storage facility. 

“Given the available options, I believe that what we have negotiated with the developers is the least bad of the possible plans for the community. The proposal that passed the Council’s Zoning Subcommittee (and that I plan to vote for when it reaches the full Council) would reduce the height of the building along Ocean Parkway and Park Circle to 11 stories, require the mapping of MIH Option 1 (the deepest affordability level available), and a requirement for 40% of parking. Each of these changes is being written into the City’s zoning text itself (as part of the Ocean Parkway Special District) which will both hold the developer accountable and would survive a sale or transfer of the property. 

“I am grateful for residents who have taken the time to organize around the love and appreciation for their community and pushed me to get the best deal I can. I wish we had a better option here, and I promise to continue fighting for comprehensive, community planning.”