“We are glad to hear Mayor de Blasio’s announcement today that, pending a vote from the New York City Board of Health, New York City child care providers will be able to safely reopen on July 13th. As we have said repeatedly, there is simply no way that New York City can successfully rebuild our economy in the months and years to come without accessible and affordable child care for working parents. We are glad that the Mayor and the Board of Health are taking the steps needed to allow child care centers to reopen safely. 

“Hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers have gone back to work in the last few weeks as industries reopened, but with the majority of child care centers still closed, working families have been left with few options for caregiving. For many families, lack of child care means loss of income, exacerbating the financial hardship of this crisis. 

“Even as child care centers are allowed to reopen, they will face significant financial hurdles to comply with social distancing requirements and health and safety guidance. As the Mayor announced, child care classrooms will have to be smaller (which means fewer tuition payments) and providers will be required to perform daily, comprehensive disinfection. Following clear public health guidance will be essential to reopen safely, but also costly. Even before this crisis, the high fixed costs and lack of public subsidy for child care providers imperiled the industry. To ensure child care providers can remain solvent and that New Yorkers have access to quality and affordable child care, especially as schools reopen at less than full time, further investment will surely be required.” 


June 2, 2020 letter from Councilmembers Lander, Rose and 20 colleagues calling on the Governor to release $134 million in federal funding for child care centers. 

June 10, 2020 letter from Councilmembers Lander and Rose asking DOHMH to issue reopening guidance to NYC child care providers. 

June 24, 2020 statement from Councilmembers Lander and Rose on lack of guidance and transparency for child care providers.

July 2, 2020 release from Councilmembers Lander and Rose announcing legislation to immediately and safely reopen NYC child care centers.