Immigrant communities in New York and around the country are living in fear of stepped up ICE enforcement that is tearing families apart.

In District 39, the neighborhood of Kensington is home to vibrant immigrant communities from Bangladesh, Mexico, and elsewhere.

Know Your Rights information is available in Bangla here.

Resources are also available from the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs in a dozen other languages here.

These raids are intended to be a show of force, to scare immigrant families here and those who are desperately fleeing unsafe conditions elsewhere.

Together, we can respond with our own show of force. The majority of people in this country — immigrants or descendants of immigrants ourselves — are horrified by the treatment of immigrant families, those torn apart by deportation and those locked up in inhumane detention camps, and we are fighting back — with a spirit of protection for our neighbors, and compassion for those fleeing violence, war, and poverty.