Seventeen NYC councilmembers, led by Councilmembers Brad Lander, Mark Treyger, Stephen Levin and Speaker Corey Johnson, sent a letter to National Grid on July 31 demanding that the utility immediately end the company’s moratorium on new gas hook ups. The letter, addressed to National Grid President John Bruckner, chastises the company for holding residents and business owners hostage in order to lobby for approval of the Williams Pipeline, a project that would have detrimental environmental impacts to water quality in New York and New Jersey. 

After the first application for a Water Quality Certificate for the pipeline was denied by the Department of Environmental Conservation in May, National Grid has been denying applications for new and expanded gas connections – more than 2,000 refusals to date. National Grid has a duty to provide reliable utility service in this city, and instead they are holding Brooklyn and Queens hostage until an approval of the pipeline is granted.

The letter calls out the moratorium as a corporate campaign for accelerated extraction, and demands that the utility find a way to provide alternative service and begin installing new gas hook ups to customers who need it immediately.

Read the letter here.