Like many of you, I was horrified when I learned that Kensington Stables was at risk of being sold in bankruptcy court. This could mean losing Brooklyn’s last stables, and the end of horseback riding in Prospect Park. I made clear we would not support any redevelopment proposal that would eliminate the stables, which postponed the auction. We then worked with the Parks Department, Prospect Park, the City’s Economic Development Corporation, Kensington Stables owner Walker Blankenship, and many other stakeholders with the goal of preserving the stables for the long term. Preserving a stables in Brooklyn is not easy, so there have been many twists and turns. But we are not giving up! I remain optimistic that by working together, we can save Kensington Stables, renovate to bring it up to code, and preserve horseback riding in Brooklyn for the long term.

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