There’s no doubt that Community School District 15 is diverse. Made up of Park Slope, Red Hook, Sunset Park, Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, Windsor Terrace, and Kensington, District 15 students bring an incredible array of backgrounds, stories, and perspectives to our public schools.

Unfortunately, there’s also no doubt that they still bring those diverse perspectives to highly segregated schools. Even at the middle-school level — where families choose schools across the district — our schools do not reflect the diversity of our district.

We are finally doing something to change that. As part of broader work to combat school segregation, the Department of Education has engaged WXY Studio, an urban planning and design firm, to conduct a community-based process to explore changes to integrate District 15 middle schools. The goal is to support learning environments that reflect the diversity of New York City and work for all our kids.

This work is not easy, as it requires facing issues of race and inequality that we might rather ignore. But it is morally urgent. And I believe deeply that it is possible to achieve integrated schools that are better places for all our kids to learn and grow. So I hope you will get involved.

To stay up-to-date or become involved in the process, please go to BradLander.NYC/D15DiversityPlan.