Ranked-choice voting will be used for the June 2021 Primary Election.

In 2019, New York City overwhelmingly voted to amend the New York City Charter deciding to move from electing candidates by a plurality of votes to ranked-choice voting. This new electoral process allows voters to select multiple candidates and rank them in order of preference.

New York City will use ranked-choice voting for Primary and Special Elections for the following NYC municipal offices:






Starting in this municipal election cycle, voters have an option to vote for up to five candidates per elected office position. Voters still have the opportunity to cast their vote for one candidate; however, that candidate of choice can not be repeated as their second through fifth choice options.

Once votes are counted, the candidate with at least 50% first choice votes wins. If not, the candidate with the least first choice votes is eliminated. If the eliminated candidate was your first choice selection, your second choice will be counted instead. This process of elimination will continue until a candidate wins.

Ranked choice voting increases civil engagement and democracy by providing more opportunities to elect the representation you want in your community. More candidates can run for office without fear of “splitting the vote” encouraging individuals who decide to run for public office. Also, ends costly runoff elections that doesn’t garner the same voting turnout as primary and general elections.

For more information on ranked choice voting call my district office at 212-678-4505 or visit the following links: