I am overwhelmed with the amount of positive feedback and support Participatory Budgeting has received. During Vote Week (March 30 – April 7), nearly 2,600 Harlem residents voted to decide how $1 million of capital funding will be allocated to the district.

These are the FOUR winning projects:

  1. Tech Grants for Harlem Schools- $400,000

PS 46, PS/IS 76, PS 129, PS 133, PS 185, PS197, Thurgood Marshall Academy Lower School, Wadleigh Secondary School, Thurgood Marshall Academy &Frederick Douglass Academy II receiving 40K Tech Grants for technology upgrades.  

2. Broadband Upgrades for Harlem Schools- $150,000

Upgrade broadband connectivity, content filtering, anti-virus control and a centralized firewall to support technology for our schools.

3. Countdown Clocks with Bus Time Technology- $200,000

Countdown clocks at local bus stops throughout the district with MTA Bus Time Technology, to indicate bus arrival times and help riders plan waiting time.

4. PS/IS 180 Hydroponics Lab Upgrade- $170,000

Hydroponic lab upgrade at PS/IS 180 to expand and enhance green initiatives for the community.

Special thanks to the Budget Delegates who created proposals, and put our community needs to the forefront. Because of your commitment, this was a successful year of Participatory Budgeting. Cycle 9 will begin in July! If you would like to volunteer and get involved, please contact my Participatory Budgeting Coordinator, Tahj Berrien, at tberrien@council.nyc.gov or 212-678-4505.