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District 5

Ben Kallos

Upper East Side's Yorkville, Lenox Hill, Carnegie Hill, Roosevelt Island, Midtown East, Sutton Place, El Barrio in East Harlem

Winning Projects:

Arts Culture and Community FacilitiesFunded
NYPL District Libraries Technology Upgrade

New computers, printers, self-checkout kiosks, phone systems, network equipment and free high-speed WiFi.


East 67th Street, Webster & Roosevelt Island

Votes: 712

Laptops for Public Schools

Purchasing laptop carts for ten District 5 public schools.


District Wide

Votes: 736

P.S. 183 HVAC for Cafeteria and Community Space

Cafeteria is used by school and community organizations year-round. HVAC would limit excessive heat in warmer months.


419 East 66th Street

Votes: 666

P.S. 290 MNS Re-Construct Kindergarten Bathroom

Re-construct K bathroom to have age appropriate height stalls and sinks to improve sanitary and safety conditions.


311 East 82nd Street

Votes: 792

The following projects were not funded:

Arts Culture and Community Facilities
NYPL Webster Branch Electrical System

Upgrades to the library branch’s electrical system.


1465 York Avenue

Votes: 345

Arts Culture and Community Facilities
NYPL Webster Branch HVAC System

Designated as an OEM Cooling Center, this will provide a safe environment for patrons during periods of extreme heat.


1465 York Avenue

Votes: 404

P.S./I.S. 217 Cafeteria Renovations

Re-tiling cafeteria floors and fixing cracks.


645 Main Street, Roosevelt Island

Votes: 361

Parks & Recreation
Lexington Houses NYCHA Playground Renovation

New play and safety equipment for playground.


Lexington Avenue between E. 98th & 99th Streets

Votes: 509

Parks & Recreation
Ruppert Park New Children’s Play Area

Expansion of the children’s play area in Ruppert Park.


1741 2nd Avenue

Votes: 318

Parks & Recreation
St. Catherine’s Park Water Park

Replace the existing fountains with new plumbing, interactive spray heads and sports coating for kids to play in water.


1245 1st Avenue

Votes: 622

Public Safety
NYPD Security Cameras for East 86th Street Subways

East 86th Street Subway stop entrances and surrounding area would have added security of NYPD cameras.


East 86th Street Subways

Votes: 563

Public Safety
NYPD Security Cameras for East River Esplanade

Connect Rockefeller University & Hospital for Special Surgery security cameras facing Esplanade to NYPD security system.


East River Esplanade

Votes: 509

Public Safety
NYPD Security Cameras at Sutton Place Parks

Cameras will cover the parks to make the space more secure and to reduce crime and address quality of life concerns.


Sutton Place at 54, 55, 56, 57 & 58th Streets

Votes: 198