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District 5

Ben Kallos

Upper East Side's Yorkville, Lenox Hill, Carnegie Hill, Roosevelt Island, Midtown East, Sutton Place, El Barrio in East Harlem

Winning Projects:

P.S. 183 Green Science and STEM Lab Classroom

Hydroponic laboratory for a classroom to improve STEM curriculum and enhance green initiatives for the community.

419 East 66th Street


Votes: 1,514

P.S. 198/77 Playground Renovation

Provide resurfacing and equipment for play area servicing to public elementary schools and remove diseased tree.

1700 Third Avenue


Votes: 1,139

The following projects were not funded:

JREC Auditorium Renovation

Julia Richman Education Complex auditorium renovation.

317 East 67th Street


Votes: 358

Eleanor Roosevelt H.S. Auditorium Renovation

Extend stage, fix sound and lighting system, replace seats and floor to improve view, capacity and support athletics.

411 East 76th Street


Votes: 629

P.S. 77 Music Room Renovation

Soundproof room with new flooring to limit disturbing adjacent instruction. Add instrument storage and replace sink.

1700 Third Avenue


Votes: 645

Lexington Houses Layered Access

Add key fob electronic entry system for lobbies of Lexington Houses.

Lexington Avenue between East 98th and 99th Streets


Votes: 232

Lexington Houses West Playground Renovation

New equipment for west playground.

Lexington Avenue between East 98th and 99th Streets.


Votes: 584

Stanley Isaacs Layered Access

add key fob electronic entry system for lobbies of Stanley Isaacs.

East 93rd Street and First Avenue


Votes: 265

Security Cameras for Holmes Towers

Add new security cameras for increased safety for residents of Holmes Towers.

East 93rd Street and First Avenue


Votes: 515

Parks & Recreation
Irrigate the Esplanade

Irrigation for the East River Esplanade from 90th to 96th Streets to water trees and vegetation.

East River Esplanade


Votes: 813

Bus Clocks for Northbound M15 and M31

Add northbound bus clocks to M15 and M31 in District 5 to display wait time for next bus (adds to bus clocks funded in 2014).

First and York Avenue


Votes: 911