City jobs would have to be publicly posted for two weeks before someone is hired under a bill set to be introduced in the City Council this week, in a move meant to cut down on patronage.

Councilman Ben Kallos (D-Manhattan) is sponsoring the legislation to require 14 days of online job postings before interviews are done for government jobs.

Kallos said he wants to rein in patronage hiring at the city Board of Elections — where officials have long resisted calls to publicly post all their jobs.

BOE jobs are routinely filled by county political parties. In one case a commissioner helped her sister get hired the same day the sister handed over her resume, and in another the board president put his wife on the BOE payroll so she could get city health insurance for the family.

The requirement would apply to all city agencies for jobs except those filled through the civil service system, which has its own detailed rules.

“When there aren’t public postings, that’s a good indication there may be patronage involved, or worse yet conflicts of interest,” Kallos said. “New Yorkers would know about the 350,000 jobs the city has, and the city could expand its pool of qualified applicants,” Kallos said.

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