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District 23

Barry Grodenchik

Bayside Hills, Bellerose, Douglaston, Floral Park, Fresh Meadows, Glen Oaks, Hollis, Hollis Hills, Holliswood, Little Neck, New Hyde Park, Oakland Gardens, Queens Village

Winning Projects:

Parks & RecreationFunded
Fitness Equipment at Alley Pond Park

Fitness stations with new exercise equipment at two locations within the park: Winchester Boulevard and Union Turnpike, Bellerose; and Springfield Boulevard and 73rd avenue, Oakland Gardens


Votes: 1,065

Gym Renovations at Two High Schools

Benjamin N. Cardozo High School, 57-00 223rd Street- new rubberized floor and equipment for the weight training room.

Martin Van Buren High School, 230-17 Hillside Avenue- new bleachers and basketball hoops for the gym.


Votes: 973

Technology Upgrades at Nine School Sites

A combination of desktops, laptops and printers for P.S. 18Q, P.S. 26Q, P.S. 115Q, P.S. 188Q, P4 at P.S. 179Q and P.S. 213Q, Queens High School of Teaching, P.S. 811Q at QHST and Main Building, Marathon Parkway


Votes: 1,146

The following projects were not funded:

Arts Culture & Community Facilities
CCTV Upgrades at Two Local Libraries

Upgrades to Queens Village (94-11 217th Street) and North Hollis (57-04 Marathon Parkway) libraries’ CCTV systems. Upgrades include cameras, monitors, electrical upgrades and other equipment.


Votes: 752

Arts Culture & Community Facilities
Self Check-In at Queens Village Library

An exterior self check-in of books and materials for quick and efficient returns, even when the library is closed.

94-11 217th Street


Votes: 508

Parks & Recreation
Rehabilitate Vanderbilt Motor Parkway

Rehabilitation of the hundred-year-old greenway used by walkers, joggers and cyclists, beginning in Alley Pond Park near Winchester Boulevard.



Votes: 894

Public Safety
Portable Security Cameras at Three Sites

Portable security cameras to be purchased and mounted at three sites in the Council District. The NYPD chooses the locations and can move the cameras as necessary.


Votes: 863

Countdown Clocks at Eight Bus Stops

The countdown clocks will inform commuters of how long it will take for the bus to arrive. The DOT will determine the locations within the Council District.


Votes: 822

New Audio & Visual Sound System at P.S. 33Q

A new audio and video sound system will replace the current outdated system in the school’s auditorium.

91-37 222nd Street, Queens Village


Votes: 511

Smart Boards for Four School Sites

P.S. 26Q, 95-02 69th Avenue- 10 Boards

P.S. 188Q, 218-12 Hartland Avenue- 7 Boards

P4 at P.S. 213Q, 231-02 67th Avenue

P4 at P.S. 179Q, 196-25 Peck Avenue- 15 boards total for two locations


Votes: 798