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District 34

Antonio Reynoso

Williamsburg, Bushwick, Ridgewood

Winning Projects:

A Hydroponic Farm at P.S. 274

Students want a hydroponic farm to learn about fresh produce and benefit from what they grow in the classroom.


800 Bushwick Avenue

Votes: 620

Computer Lab Upgrade at P.S. 299

To support our STEM curriculum we are asking for an upgrade to the broadband system as well as 30 new computers.


88 Woodbine Street

Votes: 478

Green Up P.S. 147 Playground

We want a vibrant and green playground with interactive and innovative equipment to support our STEAM model.


325 Bushwick Avenue

Votes: 2,074

Parks & RecreationFunded
Street Tree Planting

Help green District 34 by planting 250 trees throughout Ridgewood, Bushwick and Williamsburg!

Ridgewood, Bushwick, & Williamsburg in District 34

Votes: 743

The following projects were not funded:

Arts Culture and Community Facilities
Ramp Up Leonard Library

Install a ramp to the entrance making it easier for all people to access the library.


81 Devoe Street

Votes: 547

A Multi-Media Center at P.S. 250

Our school community wants access to state of the art technology fit for film making, photography, podcasting and more!


108 Montrose Avenue

Votes: 550

Auditorium Upgrade at P.S. 17/M.S. 577

Our auditorium is used throughout the entire year for programming & events! We want improved seats, lighting & stage.


208 North 5th Street

Votes: 536

A Modern Gym for Bushwick Leaders High School

To support health and wellness for students, we are asking for a hardwood floor upgrade and new wall padding.


797 Bushwick Avenue

Votes: 535

Light Up Williamsburg Houses

To create visibility this project will upgrade lighting in outdoors spaces. Specific location to be determined.


Williamsburg Houses

Votes: 435