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District 34

Antonio Reynoso

Williamsburg, Bushwick, Ridgewood

Winning Projects:

Modernize our Gym at Hope Gardens Community Center

We would like to upgrade the gym by installing hardwood floors and new basketball hoops to support various programming.

422 Central Avenue


Votes: 732

Auditorium Facelift at P.S. 147/TYWLS

This project calls for an upgrade to the auditorium that P.S. 147 and The Young Women’s Leadership School share.

325 Bushwick Avenue


Votes: 2,307

Tech. Upgrades at P.S. 319 and EBC High School

Our technology upgrades include new laptops to aid students from Pre-K to the 12th grade in both schools.

360 Keap Street and 1155 Dekalb Avenue


Votes: 1,561

Auditorium Upgrade at P.S. 257

We want to install new chairs, wheelchair access to the stage, a screen and modern light and sounds installations.

60 Cook Street


Votes: 2,065

Mini STEAM Lab at P.S. 239

We are asking for laptops and a STEM cart so that students can learn through the arts, technology and science.

17-15 Weirfield Street


Votes: 1514

The following projects were not funded:

Roadway Resurfacing

A replacement of a 1 mile lane with asphalt made from recycled materials. Will improve street flow and travel time.

District 34


Votes: 805

Playground Renovation at Cooper Park Houses

We are asking for new benches, tables and modern playground structures with wheelchair access.

1 of 3 playgrounds throughout the Development


Votes: 1,065

A Modern Gym at Bushwick Leaders High School

The idea is for a hardwood floor resurfacing and new wall padding to motivate students to reach their fitness goals.

797 Bushwick Avenue


Votes: 1,024

A Paperless School at the Green School

We are asking for 100 laptops and charging carts to support our mission to become a paperless school.

223 Graham Avenue


Votes: 696

Multi Media Center at P.S. 250

This includes state of the art technology and support for media such as photography, film making and podcasting.

108 Montrose Avenue


Votes: 984

Electrical Upgrade at Grand Street Campus

This electrical upgrade will set the building up for an air-conditioning system in the future.

850 Grant Street


Votes: 1,160