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District 34

Antonio Reynoso

Williamsburg, Bushwick, Ridgewood

Winning Projects:

Community Tech Library and Media Center

This proposal calls for a state of the art computer lab shared with the library. It includes premier technology for media and offers workshops, classes and special events for the community.

207 Bushwick Avenue


Votes: 1,086

Environmental Upgrade to P.S. 19

Additions to playground: lights, benches and a green wall to absorb pollution from the BQE; a fence to separate the children’s playground, a rain water garden and outdoor classroom facilities.

325 South 3rd Street


Votes: 1,103

Playground Renovation

This playground is in serious need of a renovation. This project would include replacing old sprinklers with water efficient sprinklers, new basketball rims, blacktops for the courts and new benches.

Williamsburg Houses


Votes: 684

The following projects were not funded:

Parks & Recreation
Upgrade to Macri Triangle

This project involves leveling the ground for proper drainage, adding a wall of evergreens to reduce air pollution and noise, adding fencing and landscaping to beautify the area.

Meeker and Union Avenues


Votes: 430

Parks & Recreation
Jaime Campiz Playground Resurfacing

This proposal will resurface the basketball courts to make them vibrant and ready for play.

Marcy Avenue


Votes: 333

Sidewalk Extensions on Meeker Avenue

As a means to make conditions cafe for pedestrians and motorists alike, this proposal aims to install curb extensions. This will allow for pedestrians to have shorter distances to cross streets.

Meeker Avenue and Graham Avenue


Votes: 526

Passenger Van for Senior Center

This center gets visits from about 200 seniors daily. This 14-passenger van would help pick up and drop off seniors to the center.

9 Noll Street


Votes: 439

Upgrade to Senior Center bathroom

The senior center at Williamsburg Houses needs an upgrade to its wheelchair accessible bathroom.

202 Graham Avenue


Votes: 413

Expansion of Senior Center

The Bushwick/Hylan Senior Center currently only has one room for activities including eating, expanding this senior center would create new space and allow for more services.

50 Humboldt Street


Votes: 402

Expansion of Senior Center

The expansion of the Cooper Park Senior Center would include building new rooms for various activities and ample space for moving around.

288 Frost Street


Votes: 427

Technology Upgrade at P.S. 120

With a big emphasis on technology education, this projects aims to enhance their computer lab by adding 32 computers, 1 smart board, 5 smart tables (for Pre-K students) and an electrical upgrade.

18 Beaver Street


Votes: 381

Technology Upgrade at P.S. 81

This upgrade includes 30 smart boards for interactive learning in the classrooms and up to 100 new laptops for the 970 students.

559 Cypress Avenue


Votes: 306

Schoolyard Renovation at I.S. 77

This project calls for renovating the basketball courts and adding outdoor benches and tables for students to eat outside.

976 Seneca Avenue, Ridgewood


Votes: 221

P.S. 147 Auditorium Upgrade

This project includes an electrical upgrade allowing for A/C installation and seating to replace the aged, broken seats. The renovated auditorium would be available for community events.

325 Bushwick Avenue


Votes: 544

Revamp the Community Center

This projects at Cooper Park calls for a permanent repair to the roof and replacing the current cracked cement with hardwood floors for the basketball court.

76 Kingsland Avenue


Votes: 563

Playground Renovation

The renovation of the playground between 130 Moore Street and 140 Moore Street will include an upgrade of sprinklers to more efficient ones, installation of new mats and better lighting.

Bushwick Houses


Votes: 474

Increase Lighting

Increasing the lighting to the exterior of Hylan Houses will improve visibility for residents and community members walking through the development and it would welcome more foot traffic.

131 Moore Street


Votes: 414