District 12

Andy King

Wakefield, Olinville, Edenwald, Eastchester, Williamsbridge, Baychester, Co-op City

Acting Chief of Staff: Comy Lewis – CLewis@council.nyc.gov

Constituent Director: Sabriena Campbell – SCampbell@council.nyc.gov

Communications Director: Stephannia Cleaton – SCleaton@council.nyc.gov

Communications & Special Events Liaison Manager: Shana Melius – SMelius@council.nyc.gov  

Budget Director: Brian Melford – BMelford@council.nyc.gov

Legislative Director: Adam Bermudez – ABermudez@council.nyc.gov

Scheduler: Brea Grate – BGrate@council.nyc.gov

King Talk Producer: Renato Mendoza – RMendoza@council.nyc.gov

Director of Retiree Services: Victoria Owens  – VOwens@council.nyc.gov 

Field Director: Elijah Nwaokocha – ENwaokocha@council.nyc.gov