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District 11

Andrew Cohen

Bedford Park, Kingsbridge, Riverdale, Norwood, Van Cortlandt Village, Wakefield, Woodlawn

Winning Projects:

Bus Countdown Clocks

Votes: 1035 | Cost: $100,000

Within District 11 (Bx1, Bx10, Bx16, Bx31)
Commuters often wait long lengths of time without knowing when the next bus will arrive. The installation of bus countdown clocks will alert commuters how far away the next buses are.

Public SafetyFunded
District 11 Security Cameras

Votes: 822 | Cost: $300,000

District- wide
Security Cameras for the 50th, 47th and 52nd Precincts within District 11.

District 11 Schools Technology Upgrade

Votes: 963 | Cost: $300,000

PS 94, 340, 16, & 19, In-Tech Academy, & ISL
To provide a technology upgrade for students in the district. $50,000 per school. Includes Laptop carts, smart boards, In-Tech news network program.

Arts, Culture, & CommunityFunded
Mosholu Library HVAC & Roof

Votes: 760 | Cost: $400,000

285 E. 205th Street
Installation of HVAC system, including unit on roof & compressor, air handling units and ejector pump.

The following projects were not funded:

Parks & Recreation
Woodlawn Playground Spray Shower Renovations

Votes: 531 | Cost: $300,000

Van Cortlandt Park East & Kepler Ave.
Update cement spray shower to make it usable for local children

Parks & Recreation
Wakefield Playground/Basketball Court Renovations

Votes: 489 | Cost: $300,000

Carpenter Ave. Btwn E. 239 St. & E. 240 St.
Renovation to basketball courts, part of only recreational space in community.

Parks & Recreation
Seton Park Mini Skate Park

Votes: 513 | Cost: $450,000

Independence Ave. & W. 235th St (SW of Park)
Construction of mini skate park for teenagers & young adults to skate in safe place.

Parks & Recreation
Hackett Park Dog Run Improvements

Votes: 229 | Cost: $500,000

Riverdale Ave. & W. 254th Street
Upgrade fencing & installation of features within dog run.

Parks & Recreation
Adult Fitness Equipment at Classic Playground

Votes: 568 | Cost: $400,000

Van Cortlandt Park S.
Install fitness equipment for adults for recreational use.

P.S. 280/M.S. 80 Auditorium Renovations

Votes: 438 | Cost: $275,000

149 East Mosholu Parkway North
Replacement of outdated seating in the auditorium. Events and community meetings are held in the auditorium throughout the year.

In-Tech Academy Gym Lockers

Votes: 420 | Cost: $400,000

2975 Tibbet Ave.
To replace the old gym lockers at In-Tech Academy

Arts, Culture, & Community
Spuyten Duyvil Library HVAC System

Votes: 590 | Cost: $400,000

650 West 235th Street
Installation of HVAC system, including unit on roof & compressor, air handling units and ejector pump.