Fiscal Year 2009
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Fiscal Year 2009

Passing the Budget

In addition to its role as the New York City's legislative body, the Council works closely with the Mayor each year to develop and approve the city's annual budget. To ensure that the budget that is passed reflects New Yorkers' needs and priorities, the Council conducts an in-depth review of all city agencies, their policies, their programs and their expenses. The Council is working hard to ensure that the process is as transparent and accountable as possible.

For more information on New York City's Fiscal Year 2009 budget, follow one of the links below.
Transparency Resolution with Charts (Updated 5-20-09)
Revenue Budget Modification (MN-4) (April 22, 2009)
Expense Budget Modification (MN-3) (April 22, 2009)
Transparency Resolution (Updated April 22, 2009)
Transparency Resolution (Updated April 2, 2009)
Transparency Resolution and Charts (Updated February 11th)
Preliminary Budget Extender for FY10
Property Tax Fix Resolution for the period of FY '09 beginning January 1, 2009 and ending June 30, 2009
Transparency Resolution and Charts (Updated December 18th)
Expense Budget Modification
Capital Budget Modification
Revenue Budget Modification
Budget Note: Housing Authority (November 2008)
Budget Note: Department of Health and Mental Health (November 2008)
Budget Note: Cultural Affairs (November 2008)
Budget Note: Department of Aging (November 2008)
Budget Note: Human Resources Administration/Department of Social Services (November 2008)
Budget Note: Administration for Children Services (November 2008)
Budget Note: Fire Department (November 2008)
Budget Note: Police Department (November 2008)
Budget Note: Department of Education (November 2008)
Budget Note: NYC Libraries (November 2008)
Transparency Resolution (Updated November 19th)
November Financial Plan
Revenue Forecast (November 2008)
Transparency Resolution (Updated September 24th)
Transparency Resolution (Updated August 14th)
Changes to the Executive Capital Budget Adopted by the City Council (Includes Resolution A) | Supporting Detail
City Council Fiscal Year Adopted Expense Budget Schedule C | Notes
Budget Transparency Initiative
City Agency Preliminary Capital, Expense and Revenue Reports
City Agency Executive Budget Capital, Expense and Revenue Reports
Preliminary Budget Response