City Council email updates
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City Council email updates

Our email updates are another way to keep you up to date, and to solicit your input and ideas regarding what the Council is working on. I have always believed that public input is a very important part of our work here at the Council. Whether conducting oversight over the Mayor’s policies, passing budgets that protect vital city services, or crafting legislation that improves the lives of New Yorkers, what you have to say is very important to us as we make these and other critical decisions throughout the year.

The City Council has two ways to keep up to date through email. You may sign up for either or both:

Legislative Calendar
The legislative calendar contains all of the Council's scheduled meetings for the following week.
Sign up for the Calendar Email (this will open in a new window)

Users who sign up for issue-based emails will receive "Enews" emails on topics they have indicated are of interest to them whenever news on that topic happens at the Council.
Sign up for issue based emails.